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Why do people make things complicated just get some eggs from the fridge and smear some on your face and your set.

by the way does it get all cracked up while its on your face(mine does) I tried it last night and my face looks much better and my pores are much tighter.

for the people who want to go more on the natural side instead of all the damn chemicals/products that screwed up my face. Heres a past from a site im gonna give this a try.

"Would you like to know the secret to beautiful Polynesian complexions? Would you believe egg yolks? Just the yolk of a fresh egg, (separate completely from the egg white) and apply to clean skin, (leave it on the face for about 15-20 minutes) then rinse off with lukewarm water. Do this daily for about a month and you will be amazed at how clear your skin will be and how improved the texture of even troublesome "combination" skin becomes. After a month of daily treatments it is recommended that you apply the yolk mask 2-3 times a week and eventually you may taper off to a few times a month, depending on your condition.
You may wonder why or how egg yolks can bring about such a remarkable improvement . . . well, wonder no more. Egg yolks are loaded with Vitamin A and other skin-friendly nutrients! Retin-A, a widely prescribed acne treatment is also loaded with Vitamin A, but guess what? Each egg yolk "treatment" costs you approximately ten cents! And there are zero side effects (provided you're not allergic to eggs).

Another gift from nature to us is lemon! It's a natural astringent and wonderful for cleansing and refreshing the skin. To use, just cut a lemon wedge and rub it all over the face, throat and chest, concentrating on the oily "T" zone (forehead, nose and chin). It helps tighten enlarged pores and many women have reported that it has lightened their freckles and reduced comedones (blackheads) Leave the lemon juice on your skin while you relax for about 20 minutes, then rinse off with cool water. To see optimum results from the lemon treatments, do it several times weekly . . . you and your skin will love how it looks and feels!

Yet another very popular remedy is acidophilus. Available as liquid or capsules, it has been known to be very effective in clearing up acne when taken internally.
NOTE: Be sure to obtain acidophilus that contains live, active cultures. We recommend the liquid form which is found in the refrigerated section of good health food stores. If you are feeling turned off at the prospect of ingesting live, active cultures, rest assured that those in acidophilus are very beneficial to you. They restore and maintain the natural balance of flora and fauna in the digestive tract, promoting the overall good health of the elimination system. A healthy elimination system is absolutely essential to good health and beauty, and acidophilus is a crucial component in its maintenance. (You cannot have a glowing complexion if your intestines are glowing with toxins). Please follow recommended dosage on the label.

Many former acne sufferers have also reported wonderful results from taking a vitamin/mineral supplement that contains Vitamins A, B complex, C, and ZINC. Of course it is considered wise to eliminate junk food from one's diet and to increase consumption of wholesome foods (including raw fruits and vegetables) and plenty of purified drinking water . . . try about 8-10 glasses a day. (This is very important for flushing out toxins and keeping your skin properly hydrated.) Don't worry, you will NOT "float away" . . . you'll be more beautiful than ever!"

anyone know where i can get a multivtamin with the zinc, vitamin A, b-complex.

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I dab a little of the egg white on a few red spots and leave it on overnight(this is after doing the egg yolk mask). I throw the leftover egg away. I use a fresh egg every night.
[quote]Originally posted by bluetonic:

Yes, definitely, it does work better if you use it twice a day. It also depends on ur skin types as well. But when u cleanse your face with a cleanser, make sure you limit to twice a day before applying egg yolk. For added benefit, i recommend adding baking soda to ur cleanser.

I dont use egg whites alone.. sometimes i add a little to the egg yolk. Egg white can cause breakout.[/b][/quote]

bluetonic- i've been using the egg yolk mask for about 2 weeks now. it's helping a whole lot with red marks and i'm not getting any big pimples anymore :) but i have several very tiny pimples on my forehead and chin. (before i started using the yolk i broke out mostly on my cheeks and only mildly on my forehead and chin...)

what would you suggest? should i use benzoyl peroxide after the mask (i don't really want to since it really dries out my skin but if that's what it takes...)? or should i start using the yolk twice a day? i figure my acne was probably worse than most of the people using the mask- people with moderate acne are probably scared to try egg yolk, so it might take me a little bit longer than it has for the rest of the yolk-users.

any suggestions would be appreciated. :)
I do not have acne but I did at a younger age and out of curiousity I tried the egg yolk mask for my scars. I was surprised that the scars dissappear while the mask is on! Unfortunately I find the smell of egg yolks too nauseating to keep on for any length of time. I had to hold a container of potpouri under my nose in order to keep the mask on. After I washed the mask off I got curious and decided to try an egg white mask this time. Once again the scars disappeared but this time with no awful smell on my face. I left the mask on all day (I would occassionaly brush off the shinyness with a paper towel). I even went to church and out to dinner with it on. By that night the tighness had worn off about 50% but when I washed it off my skin looked exactly the way it did before I washed it off! Would anyone else with scarring care to comment on their experience with an egg white mask. I did this last Sunday and will probably try another one sometime later this week.
I have used the egg white also. I use the yolk for a mask, wash it off, then put the egg whites on overnight. My red scarring has improved sooo much. In the morning, I put lemon juice on them after washing my face. I leave it on for about 15 min or so, while drying my hair. Rinse it off with cold water before putting make-up on, and it seems to work really well. I am starting to get happy with my face again.
[quote]Originally posted by Hombre:
Would anyone else with scarring care to comment on their experience with an egg white mask. I did this last Sunday and will probably try another one sometime later this week.[/B][/quote]

ok, guys i wanted to let you know how my skin was doing cause everyone seems to be wondering how people using the yolk are clearing up.

i've been doing the mask for about a month (plus a couple days). at first i was doing it every night for about 10/15 minutes and rinsing off. then i started using it twice a day after a couple weeks. i'm such a ding-a-ling. i started using this '100% natural glycerine soap' at the exact same time as the egg mask. lo and behold, when i switched cleansers last saturday night my face starting clearing up nicely. i still have a couple smaller pimples that really aren't noticeable at all unless you're standing right in front of my face and they're easily concealed with a little make up :) i think i'm going to keep doing the mask for a little longer than the recommended month- until i'm sure i'm not breaking out any more.

my skin is naturally oily and before this mask nothing was working (some things would help but the acne was still very persistent and moderate). i haven't tried the egg white but i think i will, as i keep hearing that it helps with oily skin and evening out skin tone.

i just wanted to tell all of you guys that are curious about trying- it's worth it and i'm definitely a believer- actually i just told one of my friends from san francisco about it who was complaining about her mild acne.

so good luck, guys and god bless. :) i'll still keep visiting the boards to lend my support and stuff. :) :) :)
Okay so what's the scoop on this? It starts off pretty good and everyone gets good results, -- but then, is this unanimous (?) that after a while, everyone has ended up with worse acne? worse breakouts? worse pores? scarring?

I don't see how egg yolk can cause actual scarring -- scarring occurs with cellular unless it's causing breakouts that are being picked at, it, in and of itself, would scar you.

As for the buildup -- how about using the egg yolk mask but WASHING it off with soap and water, or using a scrub such as dead sea salt, or sugar, to dislodge any potential hardened clogging within the pores?

There's a LOT that's been said about the benefits of WHITE TABLE SUGAR being used as an exfoliant, and I think there's also some type of chemical reaction that occurs that heals the skin too.

Maybe it isn't a matter of the Bad Egg Yolk Mask, as much as it is finding a more efficient way to clean up AFTER the mask application?

If it worked so well at the front end, there could be more to this!

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