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Hydrogen peroxide
Feb 24, 2004
I found this information and it made me wonder if perhaps something as inexpensive as hydrogen peroxide would make a good toner.

Hydrogen Peroxide is written as H2O2, and when it breaks down it becomes O1 plus water H2O. Hydrogen Peroxide has a molecular weight of 34.02. It is 94.06% oxygen and 5.94% hydrogen. Benzoyl Peroxide (C14H10O4) has a molecular weight of 242.22. It is 69.42% carbon, 4.16% hydrogen, and 26.42% oxygen. You can see by the oxygen differences that hydrogen peroxide is superior in liberating more oxygen to the skin. Dr. Wm. Campbell Douglass, M.D. in his book Hydrogen Peroxide – Medical Miracle, writes: “Hydrogen Peroxide is involved in all of life’s processes. Hydrogen Peroxide is truly the wonder molecule. The cells in the body that fight infection, called granulocytes, produce H2O2 as a first line of defense against every type of invading organism, parasite, virus, bacteria and yeast.” Hydrogen Peroxide is used to cleanse the skin after extractions, and is used as a Peroxy Mask in the Acne Facial and the Oxygen Facial. It is also sold as a Peroxy Gel.

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