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[QUOTE=Jhunk9]Okay..weird topic, I know. Anyway, I just read a post from a guy that said ever since he STOPED masturbating, his acne subsided because his testosorone stopped producing certain chemical agents that trigger acne. However, I would think it would be the opposite. Sex and masturbation both help expel energy and are both proven stress relievers. Doesn't it seem like masturbating would only be beneficial? What do you guys think?!?! :wave:[/QUOTE]

Actually, for me, masturbation has a negative effect on my acne. It seems if i go a long time with out doing it, my face heals up decently. (Not totally clear) Then if I decide its alright to do it, the next few days I pay for it. I recently did it a couple of days ago, and now my face has like 6 new whiteheads. Its different for everyone. But, I think it aggrivates my hormones and throws them all out of wack. But, thats just me.

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