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Yes, this is how I was with dairy until I realized that people can gain much relief simply from omitting gluten. Dairy and especially casein was a huge factor in my acne. The thing is, I had to eliminate all of the offenders to completely get rid of my acne, right down to cooked eggs. How do I know a particular food is an offender if I haven't excluded it while consuming other ones? They are all offenders, first of all. Our toleration of the offenders and whether or not they cause acne in your body is a very individual matter. Eliminating only one item while ingesting others would not tell me much, anyway, where knowledge is concerned. For instace, I can think that dairy was an offender all I want to, but what if dairy is only an offender in the presence of gluten? What if hydrogenated oils are only offenders in the presence of dairy for a certain individual? So which one would be the culprit? If you can get rid of acne by getting rid of hydrogenated oils it doesn't mean hydrogenated oils caused your acne. It could be a indirect factor. Diet causes acne but I wouldn't say any single one of these offenders causes acne.

I can have a horrible diet and yet omit hydrogenated oils. I can have a horrible diet and yet omit dairy, sugar, and wheat. I don't think such a thing would have healed my acne.

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