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[QUOTE=blank]thanks for the suggestions and help.

i think you'd be surprised at how nice the dorm food is here. i've gone to other colleges and eaten dorm food before, and it's absolutely horrible...everything's fried and oily and disgusting. i wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the stuff you said is true here though.

i've actually taken to eating whole fruits instead of fruit mixtures. the mixes they give us tend to be going bad by the end of the day...and half the stuff in there is just filler (cheapest fruit). i do end up eating about 4-7 apples per day (keeps the doctor far away :) and a number of oranges and pears.

i think i'll start working the salad more too. (i haven't used any dressing for the month and a half)

unfortunately i despise fish. tuna is the only thing i can handle...and that needs a lot of mayonaisse in it for it to be appetizing (sp). like i said though, i do take flax seed oil...which is pretty much a substitute for all the fatty acids that fish has in it.

and i have been pretty skeptical about eating the hash browns. i've kept it to only once or twice a week. and only like...half a serving...if that...each of those times. i think they sometimes serve hard boiled eggs in the morning, if they ever have those...i'll be all over them. :)

by vegetables i meant mostly the stuff you put on salads. i agree that the cooked vegatables they offer have butter...etc in them. with the salad they have cucumbers, and brocolli, and caluliflower and carrots and stuff like that.

i'll see what i can do.[/QUOTE]

Apples are great! I eat ALOT of apples :) You sound like your trying to eat healthier..which is really good...but you also don't sound like you eat much? Just make sure your eating enough ;) (I sound like a parent now lol...) In your situation I really don't think you could go the diet route 100%, but what I would suggest is that on the chances you eat steamed vegetables and fresh fruit....and consume more plant proteins than animal proteins (some of the best advice that helped me out that I learned from Prometheus...and it really seemed to help, especially since I always grew up thinking I had to eat meat 2-3 times a day and didn't even worry about vegetables or the benefits of nuts/seeds) and to choose healthier options when you can. You could also look into supplements and things like that (you mentioned the flax seed which is good). I'm not sure if you'll get 100% clear, but if your truly eating healthier...healing should speed up and I'm sure you'll experience less inflammation and possibly smaller breakouts. Also, even if you don't like fish, or certain vegetables...try eating them more regularly...usually you'll start to like them and they may even become one of your favorite foods. This happened to me and others ;) start out hating green food and then it becomes your favorite. You can change what foods you like...I promise, it's possible :) . If you want, you could check out Perricones diet book for acne...I know there have been people who have had success with it. I think it provides you with different meal and food options and helps you understand what you can eat. Although I think it is more directed at reducing inflammation and redness and eating foods/fruits lower in sugar. Not sure though, I haven't read it. Or you could go SweetJades route...I think she follows a gluten/wheat free diet...and she eats all kinds of things that may suite your lifestyle better. Bottom line...eating healthier WILL help your skin and your body. Good Luck :)

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