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Sugar Cane is Cane Sugar and it is the same thing that refined white sugar is made from. It may be "evaporated" (refined) but it may not be stripped of all its nutrients. That isn't the only thing that makes sucrose nutrient depleting, though. Brown sugar is simply sugar with coloring, sometimes molasses, but it is white refined sugar first and then molasses added. It's not any better. Cane juice is the same thing, especially "evaporated". It is not any better. "Evaporated Cane Juice" is a euphemism for refined sugar. The molasses is only a bit better. Beet sugar is hardly any better. It is sucrose all the same. I don't think anyone should be consuming any of those except perhaps the brown rice syrup or the fructose, such as "agave nectar" but not corn syrup. My opinion is that honey is worthless as a sweetener unless it is raw, but it probably is better than refined sugar, in terms of nutrients.

By far the best sweetener in terms of health has to be xylitol. It has remarkable healing powers and is effective against mouth bacteria (which is really really bad, believe it or not). This is likely our very own poison. If you inject human mouth bacteria into a rabbit it will die. That is how bad it is. Once the stuff gets into your bloodstream it causes depression and heart disease. You can combat it with xylitol (and proper diet).

Dentists like to say it causes cancer, (because it is so effective against tooth decay). in fact it is just the opposite.

Onto your question, Blank. If your body has problems processing sugar from eating refined sugars then any sugar or fructose will give your body problems. However cutting out all refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup, refined carbohydrates, and sucrose will allow your body to adjust back to natural function and proper metabolism of the sugars in whole foods, like fruit, or dried fruit. If you have acne you have problems metabolizing sugar. It is sometimes referred to as "skin diabetes." This is because everyone with acne has mineral deficiencies which are necessary for the proper metabolizing of sugar. You can't correct the problem simply by "low carbing" or omitting fruits high in natural sugars. If you correct the mineral deficiencies you will correct the problem. In fact, (one of) the reasons you can't do it by low carbing alone is because of the high amount of protein often found in a low carb diet and if you have acne, I can guarantee that you have low stomach acids, because your body has primed itself to digest minerals. You don't 'have enough stomach acids to digest protein, and if you eat a lot of protein, especially cooked animal protein, it will cause more problems. Low carbing only appears to help diabetes superficially by omitting sugar, but it does nothing to address the body's proper metabolization of sugar. This is why magnesium is the new super star in diabetes research. Its role in reversing and preventing diabetes is nothing short of..amazing.
I had sugarcane in the cane fields in Belize. It's not bad. They sweeten their soda there with cane sugar and it has a distinctly different, but good, taste. (I Had acne then) lol. I don't eat any cane sugar now because it is mineral depleting and leads to tooth decay and gum disease.

We were studying the Postclassic Mayans and my professor commented on tooth decay and anthropological specimens. She said that the reason tooth decay was so prevelant (and painful) was because of the practice of putting honey in the mouth in an effort to heal it. Well, the funny thing is raw honey [i]would[/i] help it (or atleast if it didn't it was logical and it wasn't the culprit). The reason they were getting tooth decay was from sugar consumption (or malnutrition). I didn't know about the anti-microbial effects of raw honey then.

Xylitol is not sugar, so it is a substitute, but it is natural. It is naturally sweet and found in many foods and even our own bodies. It kills mouth bacteria. This is a life saver for many people with dental problems. You can get Xylitol gum. Make sure it is mostly xylitol and not other stuff. What is Peelu Gum? You may want to try spraying your mouth with colloidal silver and chewing Xylitol. Anything to control mouth bacteria will protect the heart and ward off depression.

You can find Xylitol/Stevia combinations too. I want to get this. You are right Stevia is very sweet but I find it has a unique sweetness that I'm not really sure I like. Xylitol/Stevia might make an interesting combination. On Colloidal silver make sure you get real colloidal silver and not the "ionic" kind made through a simple electronic process. The Ionic kind is usually sold in an amber glass and has a dosage. Real colloidal silver has no dosage because you can't overdose. If you consume too much of the "ionic" kind it will cause your skin to permanently change bluish/grey. That's pretty neat.

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