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I'm with you guys. I've been on Accutane three times, and the effects wear off after about 3-4 months each time with one exception: my body acne (chest, back, and arms) was completely cleared after my first treatment. I'm about to start my fourth treatment with no trepedation at all. I love Accutane, and being on it is a walk in the park for me. I just bring lip balm with me wherever I go; no biggy.

Does anybody have any information on maintenance doses, though? I can't find much information on people going through treatment and then being put on a 60mg/week type maintenance dose to keep the results. I'm wondering because my acne is just starting to come back now, after stopping Accutane in mid-December. I will go through it again, but I'd rather stay on a maintenance dose then wait for it to come back and than go through the initial Accutane trials again (My lips seem to get very bad and the acne doesn't seem to clear for the first two months).

Searching on boards for answers seems to always be fruitless, however, because those who clear don't come to boards! Any help would be appreciated.

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