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LOL, Orange, you bring up something that I've tried to get across to others. Advocates for the healthy approach and nutritionists will say no refined/white rice, etc. because it [U]lacks[/U] nutrients and fiber (very important). However, that's usually what I eat and most refined grains are [U]enriched[/U] so you aren't missing that many nutrients (and it's better than none). The only times I eat brown rice are if it's in pasta form, rice cakes, or a side dish at the resturant. That's not to say, that one shouldn't eat it, it's just that it's what my mother has always bought and I can't afford to buy [U]everything[/U] myself. Which is why it's good if you can get your family to help you out or to change their diets as well (I'm gettin them there).

Another thing you mentioned is that Asians eat rice, white, etc and no breakouts. Well that could be a genetic reason or because while rice is VERY high on the glycemic scale, especially compared to wheat, it actually produces [B]less[/B] of an Insulin Resistance response. There was a study done at Cornell University comparing over 3000 women in China that eat diets of either [B]Semi-Refined Wheat [/B] or [B]Semi-Refined Rice[/B]. The women eating the wheat, had a much greater[B] rise [/B] in Insulin Resistance, a [B]decrease[/B] in SHBG (binds free testosterone) among other hormones. [url][/url] (do search to get more specifics, this leaves stuff out)

Therefore, I don't focus my diet on the Low Carb approach. While I've discovered that I am sensitive to sugars when my menstrual cycle arises, and I do think that certain types give me the small litle pimples (sugar pimples that go aways quickly), but otherwise, my diet focuses on eliminating foods due to what the do to our Hormones. Yes, coincidentally, it is still a Lower Carbohydrate diet (200g - 300g), but I don't run my life based on some sort of book or scale that tells me how to balance those carbs. I eat tons of sweet stuff, in the form of fruit and no problems. 90% of the time, I eat Corn, Rice, Potato (almost daily) and no problems. All "pure sugar" and starch as they say and yet....not a problem...for me. In fact, when I changed my diet to a GF diet, I increased consumption of these foods!

This is the Gluten Free Lifestyle. They had to give up Gluten Proteins because of their Insulin Mimicking abilities (acne sufferers), their Autoimmune response abilities, their Intolerant inducing abilities, and what not. Wheat is a [B]top allergen[/B], wheat is a [B]top intolerant food[/B], wheat [B]induces greater Insulin resistance response[/B], so WHY do we eat it????

Oh I know why, cuz it tastes good. Because Barley, Rye, Oats, and Wheat contain that sticky gliaden protein, that are the preferred choices over other grains. They make foods rise, soft, fluffy, pliable whether hot or cold. They could have easily overproduced other grains, but they aren't as easy to work with (must add ingredients to make it rise or fluff). When I think about a lot of things that have happened in life, in history, I'm more of an advocate for "just because it's easy, doesn't mean it's right" mentality.

So the other grains aren't easy to work with, those grains also aren't allergens, except for corn. Since I mentioned corn, this is something that [U]certain [/U] Celiacs (gluten interolerent) found that they ALSO had to eliminate to get clear skin. Corn has a Gluten protein also and therefore if follow that gluten is an Insulin Mimicker, then you want to eliminate corn to. That is harder for me, due to where I live, but if I found that correlation I would drop it. Prometheus consumes brown rice, but I don't know how often. Others eliminated grains entirely because they all contain Lectin Proteins, that also act as Insulin Mimickers.

So, in that respect eliminate what you find [U]neccessary[/U] (could take trial and error) to get you clear or 95% or 99%. I'm 99% and it's an amazing feeling, but I don't stress or feel guilty over the aspects that I can't control yet. I won't go broke trying to feed myself perfectly, nor will I starve. Therefore if you want to go gluten free you can do it, there's PLENTY of options and foods available. I may waiver on certain foods that contain H-Oils or some Dairy, but knowing and seeing the results (various changes) due to my diet, I always adhere to my Gluten Free diet 99.999% (resturants may have something in it that I'm unaware of).

Best of luck

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