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How did it work for you, just out of curiosity? I am considering Retin-a Micro myself.[/QUOTE]

Hi OhMyFace! :wave:

I used Retin-A (.05%) for about 1 year and then switched to Retin-A Micro (.1%). In my opinion, RAM is better than regular Retin-A because I noticed that it made a bigger difference in my skin when I was on it. Although both types are extremely drying, my skin adapted within a couple of weeks (which was definately nice :) ).

I think that RAM worked very good for my moderate acne and even helped with some scarring on my forehead! When I was on it towards the beginning, I was probably about 97% clear and did not break out in nearly as many cysts. The only time it did not help was the week of my period when I would always break out with lovely hormonal acne along my jawline and forehead! :(

Unfortunately, after about a year on the RAM I noticed that I had a continuous cycle of acne that was not going away! I did stay with the RAM for an extra couple of months thinking I was doing something wrong in my regimine. However, last September when I visited my derm, he said that it is actually possible for the skin to over-adapt to a topical medication, which is probably why I was breaking out.

So, I stopped using the RAM and my derm decided to give me a prescription for Duac topical (5% BP and 1% clindamycin) which cleared me up within a couple of weeks! :) Thankfully, it did not dry me out at all either because my skin was already used to the RAM.

I do think that RAM is a good topical, but I would not recommend staying on it for a really long time. With any medication, if you notice that your skin is getting worse while you are still using it, your body might just need a change of scenery. ;)

I do miss the positive effects that RAM had on my scars and am currently using 100% Aloe Vera Gel to try and help the ones I still have. So, right now I am still using the Duac and am on my 3rd month of Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo. I think that something is definately working! :D

Wow...this turned out to be a long post! HeHe! ;) Anyways, good luck with whatever you choose! I would definately suggest that you talk to your dermatologist because everyone's skin is different. I know there are definately some mixed reviews out there about RAM, but if you have any other questions I will be glad to answer! :angel:

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