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Re: Shaving...
Mar 3, 2004
Hi there,

I think shaving might be the cause of my acne, too. I frequently suffer with outbreaks around my chin and jaw but nowhere else on my face, so I was left with 2 choices; grow a beard or find a solution. I looked like a real noggiin with a beard so I think I've finally fouind some stuff that might help. My routine now consists of:

1) Razor - a Mach 3 Turbo razor (I replace the heads after every 3 shaves).

2) King of Shaves K-Series sensitive shaving antibacterial formula shaving gel (cor, that's a mouthful!). You can buy it in Boots, Sainsburys, etc and it's the only one I've really found that seems to help. It's clear, too, so you can see any problem areas and avoid them.

3) Afterwards, I rinse off any of the remaining gel with water and then clean my face with Witch exfoliating face wash (don't rub too hard or you'll make your face red).

4) Finally, I apply Simple purifying cleansing lotion to moisturise.

I'm convinced that if I stopped shaving altogether my chin acne would effectively disappear but since I have a job and can't go around looking like Peter Jackson I thought I'd better sort myself out. I've suffered for many years with this problem and finally seem to have gotten on top of it. Plus, the areas where you don't break out will feel silky smooth!

As for shaving, always shave with the grain, not against it otherwise you might get an ingrowing hair (this could be what is causing the redness). Basically, this means shave form your mouth to your chin, not chin to mouth and don't 'scrub' the razor. If I get a particularly bad red spot I apply some concealer which I rummage around in my mum's makeup bag for (which is always amusing in a childish way).

You mention electric razors as well. I had an electric razor for many years and it didn't make much difference, I don't think. It's more gentle but after a while the shaving foil can get pretty messy and unclean and there's no way to clean it (without buying a new foil). Plus, it can get a bit warm and it feels like you're scraping a lawnmower over your face! I think the closeness of a wet shave helps get rid of dead skin cells so can actually be more beneficial than a dry shave.

As a final point, you might want to try combinations of shaving alternate days, every day or every 3 days. Personally, I find shaving every other day gives my skin a chance to calm down and is much better but other people find shaving every day helps. Just depends on your skin type I suppose. I still have a 'stubborn' patch of redness which I can't seem to shift, but the rest of my skin is much healthier now.

Anyway, I hope this helps. All the products I use are over-the-counter ones and can be found in most places and don't cost more than 3 each, so you might want to give it a try...

Best of luck...


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