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[QUOTE=gfd]Dont know what to do anymore I hate people look at you like you dont wash your face I try almost every Acne product out their nothing work I heard somebody said that cetaphil work for them so I brought it just trying to find somthing that work Well like this doctor help clear my brother acne but not 100% so therefore I dont care go to doctor if they arient going to clear up 100% What do when use really almost everything out there what be best way to remove pimples. I usually just wear makeup to help cover it up but makeup does not cover it up good enough it help a little.[/QUOTE]

Hi there,

I used to have bad acne too. I tried every face wash in the world washing 3 or 4 times a day and it never really worked. I then went to the doctor and tried a medicine called accutane. It worked wonders. It makes your skin very dry at first because this is how it gets rid of the pimples. But you can just buy a good face cream. After about 4 months it had pretty much all cleared up except for the odd pimple here and there. My sister had bad skin too and believe it or not the doctor prescribed birth control pills. These also worked very well for here too. Sometimes you also just have to be patient and wait until you get older and grow out of it. But go and ask your doctor about these. good luck!

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