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Re: B5.......
Mar 8, 2004
Sky77. B5 will not make you flush. Are you sure it was B5? Niacin makes you flush. Thats B3. It is found in B complex vitamins, most of the B-complex pills won't cause you a noticable reaction, but anything higher than 75mg will cause you to get a warm feeling. This is benifitial and compleatly harmless. I don't mean to be insulting, but are you sure you were taking B5, and not taking 'B 50' ?
Also Rosacea is unrealated to B5 as far as I know. But it might be interesting to study the effects of Niacin on Rosacea.

Greeno. Sure, 1.5 grams ( 3 500mg caps) would be a good start off point to see how much you need to take. If you start off at anything under 5 grams, it will take 6 months to see any difference as far as acne goes.

On another note, I have heard only bad things about EvolutionX B5 supplements. I have looked into it, and it does SEEM like a good idea, but I don't think it's a quality supplement. Has anyone out there had sucsess with this?

To anyone starting this treatment, just remember that it usually gets worse, before it gets better. However from what I understand, most acne treatments are like that. Acutane, Retin-a, the topical antibiotics... Just be prepared for it. I was lucky because my initial breakout was on my back, and didn't last very long at all.

About hair loss. Hairloss occurs when people only take the B5 pills. In order for your body to utilize B5, it needs a few other B vitamins to break it down. One of those is called Biotin. Biotin is involved in many functions of your body. Fingernail, skin, and hair development to name a few.
Many critics of B5 will tell you it makes your hair fall out. Not actually true. Taking ONLY B5 will cause a chain reaction that will eventually make your hair more brittle, or weaker. However by taking Biotin WITH B5 you will make sure that never happens. Not much Bitoin is needed. About 100mcg (1mg) for every 500 mg of B5 will do just fine. But Biotin can usually only be found in amounts greater than 300mcg. Don't worry about taking more, because your body will take what it needs and discard the rest.

Anymore questions?

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