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Hey all,
I have a question for you, why does it seem that the U.S. is usually the last of the “big” countries to ever change? National healthcare is in other countries, but not here. Improved factory farming practices are in other countries, but not here. Banning of certain chemicals and elements that have been found detrimental has been implemented, in other countries, but they are still allowed here!

Why does it seem that they are always trying to shove things that are bad for us “down our throats”? Why do dermatologists give us substances that may be cancerous, cause birth defects, or load us full of antibiotics? Why do doctors, even some specialists, ignore our cries or give us more antibiotics? Why do our dentists shove mercury in our teeth and pump us full of fluoride? I just don’t get, do any of you???

So instead of pointing fingers at our usual suspects, lets talk about oral hygiene:

Did you know that Mercury is toxic? That [B]it’s toxicity was known long before its use began in amalgam fillings (1829)[/B]? As a result, it can lead to a variety of health problems, possibly even acne (reduces ability to utilize zinc - zinc deficiency). Did you know it could elect to choose amalgam or composite (silicon dioxide) fillings usually for the same price? Thankfully, over time I’ve replaced all but one of my amalgam fillings, and this one’s about to go soon too.

Of course, this leads us to why we need fillings in the first place. Usually it’s because we have cavities or we cracked our tooth, right? Well what is it that they push for us all to use? [B]Flouride![/B] That’s right up until we reach a certain age fluoride shots are covered by our dental insurance. After that we have to pay for them, but that’s OK, because some of our communities have fluoridated water (started in 1945), and if yours doesn’t your toothpastes or other dental products are guaranteed to be full of it. In terms of brushing our teeth, we can’t escape fluoride unless you make your own toothpastes or use a natural/specialty brand that excludes it. Yet other countries like China, Sweden, & most of Europe have BANNED fluoridation or the use of fluoride entirely!

Why would they ban something so “beneficial?” It’s supposed to help make our teeth stronger and fight cavities (by 0.6%). It has the ability to (mimic and) increase IGF-1 levels (remember how bad this is for Acne?). It has the ability to mimic Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH, Thyrotropin) thus also activating the production of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Luteinizing Hormone (LH). [U]Minerals can either increase our decrease our hormones and nutrients[/U] and Flouride is one that happens to be good at messing with our hormones. In fact, depending on the amount of fluoride in your area, you could be consuming enough to cause [B]Hypothyroidism[/B]. This is the form that has been correlated with Iodine (fluoride decreases this) in some complex way, and also associated with Acne. How many of you are Hypothyroid? How many of you are [B]PCOS[/B]?

Here’s the thing though, while fluoride has ben found to have some slight protection against cavities, it makes our teeth and bones weaker in excess. Since it’s [U]increased[/U] usage bone cancer, hip fractures and arthritis have increased! Not to mention, there are some that feel that fluoride, increases cavities (cause it makes our teeth weaker?) and I don’t know what to think for I do all I can to prevent cavities, dental floss, mouthwash, toothpastes (w/fluoride), and a tongue scraper and the cavities still prevailed. Over the years I've eaten far less sugar, etc and for 1 year used a product called Enamalon (polished wonderfully), which was supposed to add calcium back, and STILL got cavities! When I found out I was Insulin Resistant and I changed my diet, I also drastically reduced my candy and fake juice & soda (never), and even 100% fruit juice consumption to near none, and… I still got a cavity. So, looking at the number of fillings and problems with my parents’ teeth, this made me wonder if a getting cavities was inheritable. The dentists say your teeth structure can make it more likely to acquire cavities, while others say that you can inherit cavity-causing bacteria.

The sad thing is, that to try and prevent cavities, we could all either [B]reduce[/B] our sugar consumption or get [U]sealants[/U] (are these bad?). By the time I learned about these, last year, I had to pay the full price ($28 per tooth) for what I got, but even at full price, sealants are better deal than getting a filling. Fillings are not cheap ($40 – $100 each), maybe that’s why I was never given the option of getting them, I had to ask.

This also brings me to…Xylitol, the Anti-cavity Sugar-Free Sugar! (LOL)

Out of curiosity, how many of you have [I]heard[/I] of this product, and if so what do you think about it?

I first learned about it a week or so ago, under the Natural Sugars thread, from Prometheus, and am soo grateful! I’ve always wondered if those of us with acne, were more likely to have cavities. Or if those that were Diabetic Type I, Type II or Insulin Resistant were also more likely (anyone know?) to have cavities or carry the bacteria. Of course, some say that acne can be defined as Skin Diabetes so reducing all the unnatural sugar you can, especially if you’ve found “sugar” to be a culprit for you, would be beneficial!

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