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Pure and simple.
B5 is a cure for acne, for about 90% of the population.
Pantothenic Acid IS B5. d-calcium pantothenate is B5.
Yes, 1gram of B5 a day IS too low to cure acne.
B5 does not cause hair loss, insomnia, or headaches.
B5 makes your skin less oily.
B5 takes time before you SEE results. (in the mirror)
B5 needs other B vitamins, but not ALL at the same time.
B5 will cause you to break out at first.
B5 is safe.
B5 is not all the same. Some brands are cheap/bad.
Acne can not be cured overnight.
Everyone is different. Your body will react differently.

I have read SO many posts that say basically ĎIíve been taking 2 grams of B5 for 3 weeks and it isnít working!í I hate that. It upsets me. Really, it upsets me.
People need to know how to take B5. This is a very simple plan: If you are just starting on B5, you should really try to get more than 5 grams a day. That should be split up into evenly spaced doses, and taken with water. Biotin (another b vitamin) should be taken with every dose. Once a day take a B complex vitamin at a different time than the B5.
Itís best to take B5 before you eat. 15 minutes before you eat. I have found taking it with food is ok, but I would suggest before a meal.
Chapped Lips? Drink more water.
Multivitamin? Thats your call.
Topical gel? Whatever you want.

Headaches and insomnia are actually caused by malnutrition and not the B5. Hair loss is a chain reaction caused by an insufficient intake of Biotin. Again, take biotin with B5, and you wonít get brittle hair.

The initial breakout period is different for everyone. Most people will get the breakout in a certain area of your body. It will not last. B5 helps your body eliminate toxins. Some of these toxins will be eliminated through your skin in the form of large cysts. This looks bad, but in truth is very good for your body.
Typically after 4 months on a high dose of B5, you can lower the dose to whatever you feel comfortable with. The normal maintenance dose would be from 1to 5 Grams a day.

You will probably have to stick with that maintenance dose for a long time. Sounds like a bummer? Well did you really think that when you tried a new topical gel it would be the last tube you would ever buy? Eventually you will go down to taking 500 mg a day. Or none at all.
Most people do indeed outgrow acne. B5 for the most part is a good solution to people who are fed up with topical gels that donít work for them. With antibiotics that acne grows resistant to. With course after course of Acutane. B5 is many peoples last hope. I get sad when people on boards like this, post ignorant comments about B5 not working. Most of the time it is because of human error, or simply because people didnít know exactly what to do. Sometimes itís due to a cheap brand of B5 that doesnít actually workÖ

When B5 is manufactured. Part of this involves heating the product, and sometimes the B5 is heated too much, or for too long, ruining the whole batch. This is why some brands don't work, while others do.
I use TwinLab currently. I have tried 'NOW' brand, and noticed it did nothing for me. EvolutionX apparently isn't all that great either. AcneMiricle appears to be good, anyone had any luck with them? GNC has gotten mixed reviews. Vitamin Shoppe also looks to be good.
Biotin. Water. Even Doses. B-complex. Time.
20pills a day of b5 (panteothenic acid) split every 2-3 hours take 5/5/5/5
Also buy some Biotin, taking a dose of biotin with every dose of b5 (5/5/5/5)
And take one b-complex a day, i take mine in the middle (5/5/complex/5/5) But you don't have to do that.

You need to make sure you take those additional vitamins to prevent hairloss or jacked up hair.

allstarhealth = awesome prices, twinlabs is the brand you wanna get. Get at least 2 bottles now, and be sure to reorder in the middle of 2nd bottle, or middle of any last bottle you have. You might be lucky or unlucky on the amount you will have taken for it to take effect. Id say you'll need 4-5 bottles, you should notice a diff.

100pills = 5 days / 5 bottles = 500pills = 25 days You should should notice diff by then or sooner, but could also be couple more bottles later. Its trial and error.

Ive been on it for a long time now, but i used 4g's GNC brand (bad brand for b5) for 2 months, then twinlabs 8g's for about a week and a half. Now 10g's for the last 4-5days, i got a pretty bad breakout (initial breakout) which you may or maynot get. Start with 10g's, my mistake was using smaller doses.

I say if you've tried all other crap, give this a go...costs a bit much...but no acne would be worth every penny. Good Luck

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