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Re: Low Carb diet
Mar 10, 2004
[QUOTE=Sable]Does anyone have tips on a good Low Carb diet?

All I eat is carbs (cereals, breads, crackers, pasta). So I don't know what the heck I'm going to eat if I decide to cut carbs?

And I don't want to eliminate them, I just want to "cut down" on them. See if maybe that will help?[/QUOTE]


a few people have already mentioned this (just thought i'd add my two cents, or whatever my opinion is worth these days). the important word is BAD, SIMPLE carbs, NOT carbs itself. from what i understand, fruits and vegetables are all carbs. but they are NATURAL, not PROCESSED like bread and pasta.

i've been doing the low carb, low sugar, low dairy diet for about 6 months. i can't say it was enought to help my acne though. i definitely made my skin less oiler but i also went on birth control. i've been on bc before but always had a lousy BAD carb diet and so had skin probs on and off, until now :) seems like the combo of diet and bc (and exfoliation) is working for me.

below is a list of what i've been eating. i'm not as experienced as prometheus is regarding food, but my choices are based on various postings from this message board and my own research on low carb and low glycemin index foods (it's limiting...but i think that's only because i've always been a picky eater AND i don't like any seafood AND i don't like meat AND i've gotten sick of eating chicken. oh! and to find various ways to prepare the below foods visit recipe sites (my fav is
-black beans ( NOT canned, the real deal, with having soak overnight, etc)
-BROWN rice (not WHITE rice)
-salads (mixed greens, NOT the iceberg crap. i've heard that stuff is just full water and no nutrients. with a combo of chickpeas, avacodos, cucumbers, beets, green beans) for salad dressing i make my own vinagrette. again refer to recipe sites
-grapefruits (you want to pick fruits that are low in glycemic index)
-sunflower seeds

so, that's basically what i eat MOST of the time. if you've read "my story" posts you'll read how i cheat occasionally. since i'm so limited in foodsw i like i just gotta have a slice of pizza or a veggie wrap occasionally.

about the low carb BREADS and other foods labeled as such. BE CAREFUL, i read some labels on some of their products and many of them have SUCRALOSE (a engineered sugar which some say is really bad.)

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