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[QUOTE=hipmama]If any of you are treating your hormonal acne naturally, do you know if there is an initial breakout while trying to balance your hormones? The reason I ask is b/c my boss (an AK chiro) muscle tested me for a supplement to help balance my hormones, which supposedly my skin liked, but I am breaking out more than ever. It has, among other things, Black Cohosh, Chaste Tree, Flaxseed, Dong Quai.

Any ideas about this? Should I just stick it out longer? I would say I've been on this regime of 3xday for about 3 weeks now. Thing is, my body tested really well for this supplement (i.e., my thyroid was off, this strengthened it, my cycle has been long & painful, this is helping...)

On another note: I have finally reached the point of total frusteration with my face/products and have decided to attack my eating habits now. I know it will be hard for me to give up sugar and white flour products, b/c I'm an emotional eater with huge cravings, but I'll try anything to help my skin at this point! Any tips or feedback would be most appreciated!


Hey there,
I'm a bit sleepy now, but I'll try to get to more of this tomorrow. However I noted that you are taking Dong Quai and the side effect to this is a rash. I rarely get side effects but withing a week of taking Dong Quai I had broken out all of over my chest and face with these bumps, so maybe that is what you are experiencing???

bye for now =)

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