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Ok....My regimine is...

AM wash with cool water, apply jojoba oil, wait 10 minutes and apply cp serum. (started this 2 1/2 months ago..added cp serum 10 days ago.)

PM use tazorac for 2 - 4 minutes before washing face, then wash with glycolic acid cleanser, after bath apply jojoba oil, wait 10 minutes and apply cp serum.
(been using the cleanser for 4 years, the jojoba oil for 2 1/2 months and the tazorac and the cp serum for 10 days or so.)

Meds 50 mg of spiro daily, 1 "active" yasmin bc pill daily and 40 mg accutane 3 times per week only.

My goal To be able to cut down and then completely quit the accutane. Of course since I also use this for lupus rashes, that may not be entirely possible.

Now my question of the day What about the old ones that scab over and you think they are healing and flattening out only to find out a few weeks later that they are filled up again. I would say about 50% of my acne is from this sequence. Blemish - heal- fill up again to form blemish and so on and so on.

It's like they just won't go away. and most of them have nothing "white or infected" in them. They are filled with oil. no matter how small they are. I've had some since before xmas. It's like a vicious cycle!!! I've tried the mint julep and it really dries them out I guess, but it's almost like the pores now have some sort of defect in them or something. Like they will never be clear. I am not oily, I am dry from the meds, however I use the jojoba to alleviate that. And I just thought the glycolic cleanser helping to break down and shed the layers would help to keep the pores open so they don't fill up again. Does anyone else have this problem?? And yes, I am sure that it is the same ones because they are not totally gone and the little mark is still there and then I see them filling up with oil again. Any suggestions?? This was one of the reasons I started to use the tazorac last week. and also to try the vitamin A topical on my face to see if eventually I can cut down on the accutane. Differin didn't work for me. After 8 months I gave up. What do you guys think??


L :)

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