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yes my face was a terrible oily mess with greasey hair i had to wash everyday with back was oily with cysts too.after a couple of weeks on spiro my skin cleared completely.yes you have to take it everyday......well some people might go every other day.its inexpensive compared to other anti-androgens.also go on a low carb eating much better but i cant stick to it 100 per might want to research sweet jade 1s post because she is really right on the top of everything.yes their is a cure for acne but i doubt if many would go to this extreme.getting rid of your reproductive organs would do the trick bewcause you wouldnt be producing much testosterone except maybe the adrenal glands might still produce some.well a guy could have a sex change and a girl couldnt have babies.i dont expect anyone to go to those extremes but i think it would cure your acne.keep taking your spiro and go on the low carb diet and drink lots of water.KEEP your skin from scarring because even though they have new scar treatments out....a lot of them dont help that very hard to get rid of even light scarring.i have spent 10,000 dollars in the past 2 years on scar treatments and i still have scars.micro dermabrasions didnt help,4 acid peels before my co2 resurfacing didnt do much.i had 2 thermages at the cost of 3300 dollars for both and it has helped somewhat.i think you might want to try the smoothbeam laser for acne scarring but even that probably get rid of all your scarring.girls have much thinner skin and im a guy so the thermage did great where my skin was the thinnest like the side of my forehead so it might work better on a girls skin.make sure you get your blood test on spiro too evev though 50 mgs a day isnt that much.see ya!!!

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