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I believe it is these liver pills im taking, my face is about to break out horribly. Ive been taking them about 3 weeks or maybe more not sure, but my inactive cysts are getting active and i am getting a ton of little dark bumps which usually turn into cysts. This is gonna suck real bad, but i know that means im dumping out all the crap in my face. So im staying positive and excited for the future. :P

Ive also been taking b-5 and a complex, for about 2 1/2 months. 2g dosage, so it could also be the b5 or just the b5 or both b5 and liver. :P

Anywho, i got the pills from GNC, called "Liver Formula" Has a lot of things in it that i have heard are good. You take 3 pills a day, for 30 days.


vitamin c, e b-6, b-2, b-12
Folic acid
chamomile flower extract
milk thistle
picrorhiza root extract
schisandra fruit extract
green tea leaf extract

I highly reccomend it, i believe it is also speeding up my digesting and metabolism. (says liver regulate metabolism and digestion which most know) I am having a lot of bowel movements recently and my weight is falling off fast. I highly recommend taking b-5, b-complex, and these liver pills. I also did a colon cleanse from GNC too. Which didn't give me an initial breakout, but cleared my face a lot after close to a month from the end of use.

A question, ive eaten horribly for 21 years (sept for the past 7 months) drinking soda like water, and eating fast food all the time, and candy/candy bars where eatin a lot too. All from an early age too, so my question is, i didn't get acne till 18, and then got cysts at 19 from my proactive fiasco. (i believe) So if my acne is due to hormones, can this still clear me up? Im not sure if it is hormones or it was the bad eating habbits for so long took its toll.

Thanks a lot guys, please give me some info if you think those are some good ingredients, and if it is one of those pills making my face do this.

Im happy and unhappy at the same time. I know this is good that its forcing out all this crap, but im going to have to live my day to day life with a ton of crap on my face for a while which sucks, since my face is doing pretty well.

Sorry for rambling and typing so much, another question. Is there a limit to the amount of cysts you can get on your face? Might be a dumb question, but usually when i get cysts, they go the the old spots (re-occuring spots) and sometimes other places, but always been less than 4 cysts at a time.

Thanks again (man that was a lot of typing)

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