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[QUOTE=dinguyen11]Well i planned to be on this strict diet to detox my internals(2 weeks or until my face clears up) and then incorporate food that doesnt cause a break out. Rite now, its no meat,chicken,fish, dairy, and wheat. it nothing but veggies,fruits, and nuts/seeds. Where can i find almond butter? I havent tried raw eggs yet because I dont know if that is a good idea being that it is raw. I want to try it though but I dont know if i should eat the whole egg or the egg yolk and egg whites alone. It's so hard rite now because im use to eating a lot of fish, meat, and chicken because like i said earlier i lift weights and i consume a lot of protein(about +160g protein daily). I'll keep you updated :P[/QUOTE]

Are you able to order items online? If you are..try doing a search for raw almond butter, you should get quite a few results ;) . My personal favorite is Premier Organics Mariannas raw almond butter. Yum yum yummm :D . I just find that its easier to get in a few more calories with the addition of this. The only down fall to nut butters can be their prices...which are usually around 10-15$ (or atleast the ones I like the best...). When you do start incorporating meat back in, you might try buying canned wild alaskan salmon or canned sardines in water. I'm quite sensitive to meats and these are okay with me (I eat meat usually once, sometimes twice a week). Crown Prince makes a "natural" line of these two products and I find them to be quite a bit better than others I have tried. If your looking for more information on eating eggs raw, look up Dr. Mercola's website...he has some information regarding that subject, and also lists the concerns and statistics of contracting salmonella...which is actually very rare from what he says ;) . Once again I must suggest juicing...not only because it helps you get all of your vegetables etc. in...but because I believe it sped up my healing time after I had begun the diet. Prometheus listed some awesome juice recipes in a previous post that are really good for ya, plus there are tons of recipes for some wonderful juices online. Hey Prometheus...I remember you once said that you wondered how much success with skin problems a person could achieve with juicing...just wanted to let you know that I came across a website the other day with a guy who did not alter his diet, but begun including fresh vegetable juices (with the main ingredient being carrots) each day into it and achieved clear skin. Ahhhhh...the power of juice :)

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