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[quote]OH wow, you are so right. If I hadn't gotten onto one path, I probably would have never been here. Maybe I would have been a statisitic, but now I know that I'm less of one. I have symptoms of hypoglycemia which makes sense since IR is a part of that. I found some place that listed PCOS symptoms, lots of them, and I was actually able to check off about 4 or 5 of them, and I'm still atypical![/quote]

Yes, I'm quite certain I would be on atleast three different medications and in a lot of pain right now if it were not for eating correctly. Health is priceless. You don't really know until you lose it. You take it for granted, as you should. We aren't meant to even pay attention to these things. In this world, that we've created, we must, though. There are so many people who are suffering in this world, but there are so many people who are NEEDLESSLY suffering in this world. I think it is terrible that there are people suffering who can do something about their suffering and do not, while there are also people who are suffering and can do nothing about it, because I'm sure a lot of those people would do anything to be able to change their suffering if they could. I feel like, where I live, in America, in the land of abundance, I should be healthy for all those people who can't..or else I should be making their lives better. Otherwise, what a waste? I mean, what does that say to people? How we treat ourselves here? How wasteful we are and how much we don't appreciate what we have? How we complain, etc? How we don't use it for good? People shouldn't be in pain here. Have we really made any progress at all? We are one of the sickest nations..and we have technologically advanced healthcare. I mean, who cares about peer-reviewed literature and scientific breakthroughs, if people are just getting sicker? lol. What kind of progress is this?

[quote]I went to my school nutritionist and she kinda thought I was a bit "confused" LOL, because I don't LOOK the part of a traditiional person with Insulin Resistance (overwieght in middle, etc). Then I told her my diet and she was like, oh, but your not a Celiac and so she wasn't comfortable with that either. I tried explaining, but I didn't really get a chance to explain all the possiblities that come with IR, as in Acne, etc, LOL. Yet, she's fairly knowledgable about diet though (compared to some I've heard about on the board) and she suggested calcium rich vegetables & supplements (prefers diet for nutrients), she mentioned the oxalates and the phytates, and mentioned diary substitues (nothing new to me).[/quote]

She seems lucid, atleast.

[quote]Also, she said that I would have to eat 6 small meals a day (350 calories a meal) to get my calories in if I want to gain wieght, she wants me eating 2000 calories and I know that I'm definately missing the 600 calories I would get from breakfast (rarely eat it). So it may be possible for me to put some wieght on, but it's very hard if you arent' going to be eating animal protein or (gluten-free) bread. If you've ever read a book like Picture Perfect Wieght Loss, you'd notice that our food choices matter tremendously in terms of calorie count. 1 sandwich can equal the equivalent in calories of 3 truly healthy meals! So my guess is that we aren't meant to be very heavy individuals. If we all ate right, or followed the Paleo Diet, etc we would all be on the thin - "normal" side. We wouldn't be able to be big and bulky (muscles), but would still be stronger and flexible thanks to more leaner muscle. I'm not a fan of calorie counting (age you and increase IR), so I've given up the hope of being 125lbs (currently 105), but maybe I can hit 110/115 again if I eat more regularly ;-)[/quote]

I know calorie counting takes all the fun out of it sometimes! Too much effort. hehe. Yes I do think our paleolithic ancestors were quite lean. A lot of people who are overweight now would be a good weight, not too lean, not too heavy, on a natural diet. The majority are overweight because of our dietary history. They are more likely to survive in periods of famine. I think a lot of muscle is unnatural, and hard on the human body. It just isn't right, but people have been manipulating their bodies in the sake of "beauty" for a long time. I prefer to look at the lean muscular physique, myself, because it is natural. I don't see the point in "bulking up" unless you lift heavy things for a living...even then you still maintain natural lean muscle. I see men with big muscles and I just think, what's the point? Do you lift heavy things for your wellfare? Are you a lumberjack? A firefighter? Otherwise it is just vainity. Who cares? Not me.

[quote]Oh yeah and that reminds me, did you hear that Obesity is almost near to becoming the # 1 PREVENTABLE disease, surpassing Smoking! They spend $117 billion dollars trying to solve this problem, and only $1 million on educating people on nutrition. Yet, they clearly say that despite health advocates and lawyers wanting to sue or tax junk food, subsidize fruits and veggies, or change the global diet, it's our fault. That all we have to do is... exercise and "eat right" yet how many have of us have done that and it didn't work? That's because we didn't KNOW entirely what were right and wrong for us and our bodies! Add to the fact that they subsidize all the bad things for us, corn, wheat, sugar and sneak it into everything they can, despite studies showing repeatedly how refined foods, wheat, high fructose corn syrup, and sugar are bad for us (in excess) and LEAD to these problems!

Yes, while I believe that once we KNOW what's right to eat, it's more our fault, but at the same time, how can people with less income eat right, support their weight, etc if they can't afford the food (organic or commercial)? That's where the government should come in to help, since it's made eating wrong soooo affordable. Yet, did you hear that they passed the "Cheesburger Bill", which means we can't sue fastfood resturants? ;-)[/quote]

Oh yes. They make it so easy to eat wrong. I just don't think it is possible to make some of these things more affordable, simply because they are quality foods. It is easy to make cheap foods, and junk foods, more affordable and they make good quality food look expensive, but it is not normal or natural to have cheap, affordable, food. The majority of the world does not look at food as something that is or should be cheap. I'm tempted to agree with you that yes, if they are going to tell people it is about eating right and exercising, then they should also take steps to make it easy to do such. In the end, though, it is our fault. We are the ones who make the demands. There would be no fast food chains if there were no demands for it. It is our fault. I agree that fast food companies are not to be blamed for obesity, or related health problems. I never expected a law banning suing them, though! I think that is great! It's food, you know. Yes we don't know what is right and what is wrong to eat, but that is the fault of the destruction of the family unit and the loss of tradition in favor of restaurant and fast food. So yes people need to be reeducated. Is it the governments responsibility to do that? Perhaps. That probably means that the medical community has to come up with a consensus on what is a good diet. lol. It may be the governments responsibility to make sure there is adequate education on diet, but how many people's grandmothers have told them to eat their fruits and vegetables? People hear it, they know, they just don't listen or believe it until they are older or sick and it becomes necessary. I think the responsibility for education is on the person. Once you reach a certain age it becomes your responsibility to educate yourself on the ways of the world, your body, your health, etc. Before that, it is your caretakers responsibility. I do think the government needs to do more about harmful pesticides and harmful chemicals, especially in household products that women and children are exposed to, personally.

[quote]So again, I am VERY grateful for I would not be here today without the help of some of you and my own personal will power & determination.[/quote]

Yes, and you help many more people with your knowledge!! Take care.
[quote]Not yet, but I'm working on it . Yes..I'm hoping the xylichew will save me from dentist bills in the future...which keeps me telling myself that I can go buy more because it will eventually save me money Sometimes people think I'm absolutely crazy to have such a high grocery bill...but I always remind them how it is worth every penny spent and will benefit me so much in the future (and save me money from those "could of been" medical bills...)[/quote]

Yes I get this too but these people are stupid. They have obviously impaired foresight. First, health is priceless. Who can put a price on your emotional stability, your mental awareness, and your ability to live a pain free day? I see people in their 90's who are active and full of life. I don't plan on retiring. When I am too old for a career I'll have amassed real estate and I'll own a business and I'll be a filthy rich old woman. I'll secure the future of my children (if i have them), and I'll be the benefactor of some young rising star. This, of course, is disregarding other possibilities that could very well occur. So I need to be healthy. The peace of mind knowing that I can prevent things like cancer, alzheimers, and osteoporosis, to name a few, is truly PRICELESS. I saw a survey the other day that many more people are afraid of dying from cancer than terrorist attack. Of course, when I filled out the questionare I put terrorist attack. Why? Because I know I wouldn't die if I got cancer. lol And that is just priceless. The loss of or the preservation of quality-of-life is priceless, however, you can compare the amount of extra money you spend on good quality food, and the sum total of prescription costs and healthcare you would otherwise need in your lifetime. That should make some see the light, but then again...some people are just too dumb.

[quote]I too would love to live on a farm abundant with fresh fruits and vegetables. There is a fresh berry patch somewhat close to me that I went and visited this weekend and got a bucket full of fresh strawberries. It's great to be able to go walk along beautiful land and pick fresh fruit/vegetables taste absolutely wonderful in comparison to what you find in the grocery store. Oh BTW Prometheus...have you heard anything about the new "flexitarian" diet? It's been quit popular on the's basically a vegetarian type diet, but with a little bit of animal protein on occasion (all done for health reasons..not animal protection etc. reasons). The reason it has all of a sudden been brought up and gained popularity is because of all of the reports discussing the benefits of eating less animal protein.[/quote]

Oh yes I have tons of studies on the benefits of protein restriction, animal protein specifically. Of course, I remember one study comparing the health of vegans, vegetarians, and vegans who occassionally ate meat. The healthiest were the vegans who occassionally ate meat. I suppose that would be this "flexitarian". I like that word. I have not heard about this! Where are these reports on the benefits of eating less animal protein? I think that is great that they are reporting about it! It needs to be reported about! I used to think I needed meat, for my nervous system, for the B12, and all. However, if I take vitamin B12 from a supplement it is the same thing as getting it from using "nightsoil" (which for obvious reasons one cant do). I guess I'm a vegan and I didn't even see it happening? lol

Oh and there are studies that dairy is still bad, and associated with increased health risks, despite a lot of vegetables or no meat. One study specifically is on prostate cancer risk and seventh day adventists, who despite eating a lot of vegetables, still consume a lot of dairy. Eating a lot of vegetables, it seems, atleast in this case, can't offset the harm caused by dairy, and perhaps other bad foods.

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