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Hey Idealist. Yes it is sad that we have to do research to learn how to live. The best way for someone to learn what they should be eating is to go down their family line, and find their nearest ancestor who lived a healthy robust life, and find out what they were eating. :) easier said than done.

As for medical students, they usually don't know anymore about nutrition than the average person does. I actually know some medical students and biology/physiology students who scoff at the idea of nutrition or refuse to believe in its ability to reverse and prevent disease. Their beliefs are limited to what has been studied and peer-reviewed. Medicine is the art of treating disease, and not preventing. And they define a disease by its symptoms and treat the "disease" by suppressing the symptoms. They will disect all the individual mechanisms of the disease give exotic names to them. The disease always ends up seeming frightening and uncontrollable..and uncurable. If you ask people like this what causes acne you will get "Acne is very mysterious but what we do know is that for some reason the p.acnes bacteria infects the follicle which is allowed by the overproduction of oil and the abnormal keratinization of cells thus clogging the pore. Associated factors are hormones and inflammation or a combination. There is no cure for acne, but it can be controlled through rigorous topical and internal application of antibiotics, hormone stabilizing, or antiinflammatory medicines. Your diet has nothing to do with it because there are no peer-reviewed studies indicating such...forget the fact that there being no peer-reviewed studies on it doesn't say anything about whether or not it could work or did work for someone...there are no peer-reviewed studies indicating such so your diet has nothing to do with it. We have one study where one food, chocolate, was isolated and eliminated and the control group was given a placebo candy bar with no chocolate. There was no significant change. There are peer-reviewed, scientifically sound, studies that indicate that perhaps refined carbohydrates could affect acne, but since there are no peer-reviewed scientific studies evaluating the overall effectiveness of your diet on acne then you are wrong to tell people that it worked for you. Do some research. Ask someone knowledgeable, like a medical student, a doctor, or a professor. You are clearly wrong about your experience." hehehe....ok that was a little overboard.

The point is, these people are so caught up in the individual mechanisms of the body that they won't rest until the entire human genome is mapped. They are so bent on altering "symptoms" and "fixing" "broken" bodies that they won't rest until they've created a completely different body for us. We dont' need to know how the body works and all the individual mechanisms in order to live healthy lives. Yes disease is a part of the natural world. Yes the medical establishment has a place, but a lot of disease, especially the disease we experience now, is entirely preventable. They are right to give dietary advice to people who have cancer, but did you know that most cancer patients never get this advice? I've talked to cancer patients and the ones I've talked to didn't want to change their diet anymore than a lot of people on here do. It's sad. They are dying and they won't change their diet. There is actually scientific, laboratory, peer-reviewed studies on the effects of specific nutrients, diet, and cancer. The best thing for a cancer patient is to eat a low-no protein, vegetable based, no refined carb, no processed food, diet. Actually the best thing to do is probably a water fast. Cancer can't grow if it isn't fed. The person will outlive the cancer as the body burns the damaged tissue for fuel first. People don't need energy to fight cancer. People don't need energy to fight a lot of disease. People lose their appetite when they are sick, they should not be force fed. Have you ever seen some of the food that they feed sick people in hospitals..of all places? It's just terrible.

People are here to share experiences and to share their observations...and I don't think people should discount observations without doing their own peer-reviewed studies, nevermind telling me or anyone else that we have to come up with peer-reviewed studies to support our observations. That's just ridiculous and backwards. Any real scientist can see that.

Diet healed my acne. I think it would heal anyones. Do I know for sure? No. Do I know anything for sure? No. lol

I hear you Idealist. I'd love to live on a farm, too I think. Then you'd have to worry about GMO drift and then Monsanto suing you. You know they tried to sue an organic farmer because their genetically modified organism infected his produce?

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