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I completely understand your friend's situation. I also visited the Laser and Dermatology Institute at their Beverly Hills office for a free consultation. I had several tiny acne scars on my face. I am pretty sure that the large pores that you are talking about is the same thing that I had, but Doctor Rispler revealed to me that they are actually what he called "pinpoint acne scars." I guess I should have listened when people told me not to pop my zits. Hahaha. I was getting tired of covering them up with foundation. I love to go to the beach and you know you just can't cover it up when your in the water or even working out. Anyhow, he told me that it would cost me $900 to remove them all and gave me I guess a custom program. So, I thought that this was too expensive and checked online for a better deal. I visited another office in Beverly Hills and they told me that it would cost me $100 per treatment. I should have realized that you get what you pay for. After 6 treatments they were still there. For all the waste of time, energy, and money, I would have gladly paid the $900 because I went back to the Laser Dermatology Institute and paid the $900 and my acne scars are gone. Not to mention that the Laser Dermatology Institute did not scam me in anyway. The other place started to raise their price too and they were not using the same lasers that Doctor Rispler recommend to use on me. You should be happy for your friend that she made the right decision. Doctor Rispler may seem like he charges a lot, but he knows what he is talking about and their consultants are realistic and friendly. I can't begin to tell you how much I love to go out without even any makeup. My confidence was worth every penny. For any thing I always pay for better quality now. Hope this helps...

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