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it took me about 2 to 3 weeks and my oily skin turned perfect after 27 years of putting up with this crap!if you notice a decrease interest in sex then its working.IT WILL WORK........but remember if your under 20 it might keep you boyish looking cause it tends to stop bone development.if you look like a guy now spiro wont reverse that but if your still looking girl like..or boyish spiro will tend to keep you that way.its an anti-androgen meaning going against suppresses testosterone.the clearer your face gets the more chance you have of being steril for life.take it everyday and dont miss any wont turn you into a girl but it might keep you looking boyish should start with 50mgs a day and while it wont clear your skin you will be able to control it with the help of will lose interest in sex...your skin will start producing less oil and your face will start clearing.remember spiro for guys should be a last resort even after accutane.if i was a derm i would make you go to a psyciatrist first before i prescribed it to you so i knew how bad acne is affecting you mentally.i tried everything 2 times over except maybe the smoothbeam laser.if nothing else works and this is really doing major damage to you mentally then i would go with it.if you read my posts in the past you know i took acne pretty hard.i still blame it for ruining my life.even being a transexual would have been better than putting up with this crap for 27 years.least i could have been a lesbian.if you take 200 mgs of spiro and 5 mgs of premerin and your under 20 then you will start to develope female but not with just say 50mgs of spiro.the best years of my life i spent being obsessed with acne and acne scarring while everyone else was having i was thinking is this s**t ever gonna ends.i felt like i was goes too fast to be bothered by this so as long as you know the pros and cons of spiro and you feel you still want to take it then go for it.on the plus side your hair will be real nice and you wont perspire as much and you will be a lot calmer.i also get blood tests takin every 3 months to.if i known what i know now i would have takin spiro before my face ever started breaking out but thats just me.their are new treatment for acne coming out so unless acne is causing so major mental problems or risk scarring your face because you have severe acne or ya wanna change sex......that is the only cure for a guy with acne....i wouldnt advise you to take could go on a strict low carb diet.....25 to 50 mgs of spiro and a good derm has some guys on 25 mgs of spiro a day.

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