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Re: Evolving acne?
Mar 16, 2004
[QUOTE=milktoast]I've gone through a large number of prescriptions over the last few years, and I decided to take it back to the old school and use benzoyl peroxide. I simply distribute the benzoyl peroxide evenly throughout my face at night and leave it on throughout the next day. For the last month, it has worked beautifully. I have actually cleared up significantly with the exception of a few zits here and there. However, I started thinking about the benzoyl peroxide... the reason it must be working are its disinfecting properties. For acne to flare up, it requires a bacterial growth. If the benzoyl peroxide can absorb into the skin and kill the bacteria, the flare up should not occur. My question is... does acne bacteria evolve towards an immunity to antibiotics? If that is the case, doesn't that make all antibacterial medications essentially worthless? I know bacteria have the ability to evolve and to evolve fast, but does anyone know the specifics of acne bacteria? thanks.[/QUOTE]

Just some advice on BP .... I like the results I get when using BP especially the first few weeks but as months pass your skin tends to dry out excessively. Which in turn causes more acne. I started using Benzaclyn over 1 and a half - 2 years ago and it worked lovely at first ... but afterwards my face suffered drastically. I was so dry and flaky at first ... then it turned into acne .. all over! This acne was stubborn and took the longest time to get under control. It's partially under control now but it still flares up here and there. I would not recommend using BP all over your entire face ... instead use it as a spot treatment as needed.

Just my advice, hope it helps. And good luck. :nono:

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