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it's not a scam....but it's a ripoff.

just go to your local drug store, or find a drugstore online, and you can get all the stuff in those pills for cheaper...and better quality.
actual, you can get most of this stuff at the grocery store...(except vitamin b5)

the ingredients.
Mainly: Pantothenic Acid (B5) - decreases oil production.
Biotin - so your hair doesn't fall out
Niacin - this will only help if you put it on your doesn't help to ingest it
Vitamin A and E - both great for skin
folic acid - i don't know...good for you though
Zinc - good for skin/acne as well...lots of people w/ acne show signs of zinc deficiencies.

if you do searches for most of the ingredients i just mentioned, on this board, you'll find lots of helpful information.

actually...for $32, what you get isn't too bad. especially cause you can return it after 30 days and get your money back (even if it does work). at vitaminshoppe, 250 pills of 500mg B5 is $18. that's 125,000g's. from acnerid, for $32 you get 150,000g's of B5, and all those other vitamins (zinc, vitamin a & e, niacin...etc)

you can go ahead and give it a try...or hit up your local health food store and buy the stuff easily yourself. up to you.

b5 will work though...just take 5+grams a day. and try some zinc, vitamin a, e, a vitamin b complex, vitamin c, calcium....maybe brewer's yeast too...which i was just talking about in another thread. :)

good luck.

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