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i have a panoxyl 2.5% but it is alcohol base,there is no water base available here only benzac 5% water base available here,so what is the better product on the two could someone help me!!
hey pherpher1,

I've never used anything above 2.5%, because until you get above like 10-15%, there's not really much of a difference in acne fighting, just a difference in the pain and side affects. I used to use neutrogina on-the-spot 2.5% BP, which worked really well. I think it was in an alcohol base, but you might wanna check on that. At any rate, I'd recommend the 2.5% personally, unless you see a major difference when using 5%. Believe me, the doubled percentage doesn't mean double effectiveness. I don't think there is any real change except for the increased level of skin irritation. Are you seeing success with the 2.5%? Like I said, stay with it if you are, but if you're not then you may want to try going to 5%. There's a certain percentage that's effective for each person, an dyou just have to find it. Only a dramatic change in percentage will bring good results. (you can get doctors to compound 30% benzoyl peroxide, and believe, that will bring a dramatic change. That stuff will eat acne alive, but it's a matter of money if you want to go that high.) Hope I haven't confused you

BOTTOM LINE: if the 2.5% is showing some results, keep on it. If it isn't, increase. an increase will only help if you aren't seeing results. Why do you want a water base? I'll be glad to answer any other questions.
panoxyl 2.5% really works but after two months it stop in decreasing acne and it has a side effect that when you go out and expose to sun it will make my skin red and i switch to benzac 5% for two weeks for now i think it is more milder because it is water base other board say products on alcohol base will really irritate youre skin and make it worse
I agree with the 5% in that case. I can't stand BP irritation, it's torture. The 5% is probably better for from what you've said. If it doesn't help much, go for 10% water based Benzoyl Peroxide. Like I said, you have to find the right amount for you. But remember, topicals are not always affective because they oil comes from the inside, and fighting it from the outside doesn't always work. But it seems like it will probably work for you (I saw your other post). Good Luck!
One of the really benefits of benzoyl peroxide is that it tightens the pores on your nose so that it is nice and smooth.

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