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[QUOTE=Afteraccu]:confused: Ok can I get some good feedback for these questions, any and every one that can help. I was on Accutane for 4 1/2 months, I stopped about two weeks early because my side effects were getting more persistent. I was left with real pale skin for being out of the sun for 7 months, I have some little tiny and one or two small hard red bumps that are just sticking around, a lot of red marks on the sides of my face and temples, what looks like tiny bumps over my forehead (blocked pores perhaps), and my skin is still dried out... so :

*I started going tanning to get some color restored, I know tanning is not good for your skin but how long are you supposed to wait off the medicine before you go tanning?

*If I use moisturizers to keep my skin moisturized after tanning, there should be no reason for glands to create excess oil which ='s acne, right?

*How long will it take before my skin stops being dried out, flaky, and easily irritated or mildy chapped lips make an exit?

*How long do I have do be off the medicine before I can drink alcohol again?

*Can I use hair dyes, or anything involving chemicals in my hair a few weeks after treatment of Accutane has stopped?

*Is there anything safe I could use to smooth my face of those blocked pores or anything I can use to eliminate scars?

*How long does Accutane continue to fight off acne after treatment and what is the chance it will come back :(?

*What are those tiny red bumps or small red bumps and will they eventually go away because they add to redness?

Sorry for cramming everything into one post, but could any one professional or a veteran of the Accutane treatment, or anyone that knows the answer to any of these questions PLEASE give me feedback ASAP because it would mean so much to me. Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you

Well I posted earlier about my accutane experience. Do NOT go tanning within at least 6 month of finishing, it may look alright initially but in the long run it's no good and will just make any scars you have really imbedded. I wouldn't get a tan at all until all of your red marks have faded to be almost invisible. This may take a year or so, but if you tan then all you're doing is trying to hide them by making the rest of your skin red too. The marks will stay for so much longer if you tan, trust me.

How long will it take for your skin to stop being dry/irritable, well it might take a long time. A year on my skin can till geta bit dry and is still irritable. Just wash with water and use a moisturiser.

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