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By nature we are all very different. Some people tend to obsess, some don't. I am not obsessive. I have had moderate cystic acne for about ten years. I have learned a lot from this board that I would have never known about otherwise. You have to use a common sense approach, and formulate your own conclusions. When people try to self diagnose or medicate themselves, sometimes they do more harm than good. I still have acne, but now, instead of 3-5 acne cysts a months, I get one every couple of months, and I can live with that. I do not want to go on hormone treatment, so if I can keep myself 75% clear with my own regimen, then I feel great. I would NOT be clear right now if it wasn't for what I learned from this board. My dermatologist was useless...Retin-A and Minocycline was ALL he'd do for me, oh and Accutane which I refused to go on. I have been having great success with B5 (3 grams), zinc, vitamin C, warm lemon water am and pm (for cleansing). I have a colonic once a month (I suffer from severe constipation) and I Paula's Choice BHA products and Eucerin Reneal Moistuizer am and pm. I use 10% Alpha Hydrox once a week, and on Sunday mornings I do a mask and then I apply warm olive oil to my face. Then I don't do anything else. By the time I go to bed, the oilve oil has completely absorbed into my skin and my face looks wonderful after I do this. I have to say though, for me, colonics gave me INSTANT results. I started in August, and had been having TERRIBLE cystic breakouts. After my first two colonic sessions, my breakouts stopped completely and my skin looked beautiful. I FIRMLY believe that in some people, acne is caused by a buildup of toxins in the body, and I have put that theory to the test more than once. The FEW cysts I do get now, usually occur during a period of stubborn constipation.....I continue with the B5 because I LOVE how it controls my oil, and the other thngs that I still do, I do because I just feel it is good for my skin. Zinc and Vitamin C are just great for your skin, and the BHA is a gentle exfoliant. But, the colonics are what I believe has helped me the most. So, thank-you to this board... :bouncing:

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