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[QUOTE=steven2984us]Acne scars is making my life a living hell. I so self conscious about them. When i go out, its like i turn parnoid, checking to see if anyone's staring at my face. I don't like it when something sitting next to be asks me question since they're so close to my face. I'm starting to hate being in bright light since it exsenuates my scars.The worst thing of it all is that my scars are getting worse. I still have mild acne anyone i just wrote this because at the moment i was feeling totally down. maybe someone can relate. offer some advice.something[/QUOTE]

Hey, [U]I hear ya[/U]! I can totally relate. My brother and I have the same problem. I've had better help b/c I can wear make-up and concealors to cover them up...but of course my brother can't do that. He's 20 and I'm 23. Here's what has helped us. We've both started using this stuff called "Spot Solutions" It's a skin lightening ingredient: Hydroquinone. You apply it morning and night to the affected goes on invisibly so you can wear it all day...and I can wear it under make-up. It's been a gradual process but both of us can definately tell a difference after a month! We ordered it from Mary Kay (you can find a consultant on their website) It's $28...which was a lot but I told my lady our situation and she discounted it b/c I nearly cried when she told me how much it was... ;) nice! Maybe you could try it. It's worth a try!
Don't get down though! There's help for you and you've find the right place to unload! Best wishes and many HUGS!!!!!!!!

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