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[QUOTE=#2.StunnA.]So, what do you guys actually recommend as a good (cheap) way to prevent/clear acne from appearing on your face?[/QUOTE]

That is the $64,000 question!

Well to tell you the truth there really is nothing that will prevent acne without harming you with side-effects. It's unfortunately the depressing fact that I am slowly starting to accept.

Over the counter products are useless and at best are only temporary fixes, antibiotics are damaging to the body's own health and have several other side-effects, laser treatment is reasonably new and only improves skin, it will never prevent acne completely.

Adapting a healthy diet/acne healthy diet has limited chances of success and living in a developed/western country makes it much harder to do. Many products do not list total ingredients on their labels so you never know exactly what you are eating.

Sunlight/ U.V. light WILL totally clear you skin but to prevent the acne from coming back, you need CONSTANT exposure. And we all know the side-effects to this: skin cancer. Other forms of light treatments have been introduced (using blue, red, green lights) and which I am currently trialling with very limited to no success.

Steaming will help decrease you whitehead/blackhead break outs but it won't get rid/prevent acne or blemishes from appearing. Chinese natural medicines have a limited success rate too and once again this treatment is a reactive measure rather than a proactive measure.

People will say there is a cure to acne and will try to market it but every dermatologist/specialist I have spoken to has had to admit that there really is no cure. And anyway drug companies refuse to develop a cure because of course they benefit so much from the revenues of these products or treatments I have listed above. These treatments will keep making you go back to them to buy their products. It is the same with shampoo and dandruff. Head & Shoulders doesn't work or has limited success. Almost all the anti-dandruff shampoos are reactive measures and cause you to continue to purchase their products.

There are several different forms of acne and we are all different. Some people do have success with these treatments but on the whole I would say most don't. Just count how many treatments you have tried. Why have you tried so many? Because none of them have worked and you are still looking for that 'magic' treatment that we all thinking is hidden somewhere or something we never expected.

I am bascially so fed up with my acne and all the various 'poisons' I have tried to use to treat it has made me realise that probably the best way to go about dealing with this problem is to give my body a break. In the long term, my body will be healthier, stronger, less-fatigue prone and my skin's problem with acne will be reduced due to time.

I apologise if this post is abrupt but it is just my conclusion after 10 years of trying to deal with this awful problem. I'm sure many of you have experienced success with the treatments I have outlined above but within time, it is my belief that acne will always return.

P.S. my advise on how to best deal/treat acne would be to use natural measures such as exercising, adopting a better lifestyle i.e. healthier diet, small amount of sun exposure everyday and plants such as Aloe Vera.

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