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Steaming won't prevent your acne from attacking, it won't get rid of red marks and won't improve scars. But what it will do is, as you have already said, open up your pores. Now this is useful if you need to temporarily clear out any whiteheads or blackheads that are appearing. It will make it much easier to squeeze them out as soon as you have finished steaming but within a few days time they will be right back. It is a reasonably good short term fix for blocked pores.

I used to think steaming worked but I have come to the conclusion that after many years of doing it that it really doesn't do anything with getting totally rid of my acne. It may slightly increase the healing period of my skin and improve the texture to a certain extent but I must admit not by much unfortunately.

Basically steaming does the same thing as having a very long, hot bath/shower or doing extensive exercise. However, in my opinion, the exercise option is the best choice out of the three. Not only does it improve your all round health, it will make your skin naturally sweat from the inside as opposed to the steaming method which will cause your skin to artificially trigger sweating as a result of an external factor i.e. the steam. Naturally sweating is very good and will remove as many toxins as possible. But over doing the steaming can lead to dehydration while doing alot of exercise shouldn't really dry out your skin. Plus exercising will burn off all those nasty carbs that we inundate our bodies with which is extremely good.

Anyway (sorry for all that) if you do want to steam, I suggest not to do it more than once every two days so as not to induce any dehyrdation but that's unlikely (don't worry) if you don't over do it. Just boil some water, as soon as it is finished boiling it remove it from the heat and place your head over the steam. Cover your head with a towel making sure none of the steam gets out and sit there for about 10-15mins. After this time has elapsed, wash your face with some normal-cold water then dry. And finally have a few glasses of water to replenish your lost fluids.

Oh and steaming (if you don't wanna exercise) is very good if you have drunk alot of alcohol. It will help your body sweat out all the toxins and help the kidneys and the liver to do their jobs without as much effort. Hope this helps...

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