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Re: Why no cure?
Mar 20, 2004
hey that remark about nasa and space travel is totally wrong!if we do find a cure for acne it might be because of o gravity we can work with drugs much better than on earth.and a lot of products we use today are a direct result of research in the space field.also thats not true about any advances in acne research since 1980 when accutane was being tested out as a cancer drug.we have a lot of lasers and the new thermage that while still being early have had great results with acne.also we have anti-androgens,bc pills out not steril yet and it been 18 months on spiro and i dont have giant boobs even with being on low doses of estrogen.also they are working on an enzyme sorta like the b5 thing that while your skin will still be oily it wont break out your skin because it thins out your there is also the low carb anti-acne food diet plan you can go on.yes a lot of these treatments may have side effects like all drugs.but hey look what i had in the 70s.clearisil that contained sulfer no bp like today and anti-biotics.all they had for scar reduction is dermabrasions.guys there is something out there for all of you if you just look.i had to go to the extremes and take spiro and estrogen but my skin has been great for 18 months.i really dont even think girls should take premerin because of all the ton of possible side effects but spiro alone is pretty safe.i really still think guys under 30 shouldnt take spiro only after even accutane and diet has fail because of several reasons.the main thing is control your skin so it doesnt scar up!!!and dont be ashamed you have acne...its not your fault.its your fault for not doing anything about it though.we really should form more acne support groups.maybe you could start one up at school.if people wanna laugh about it then thats their ignorance.GET MOTIVATED...YOU GUYS CAN DO IT......DONT END UP LIKE ME.IF YOU SEE SOME ON WHO IS ASHAMED OF THEIR ACNE TRY TO TALK TO THEM.READ ALL YOU CAN ABOUT ACNE ON WEB SITES.....READ SWEET JADES POSTS BECAUSE THAT GIRL IS RIGHT ON TOP OF ABOUT EVERYTHING.nobody should have to go through the best years of their lifes hiding from the world like i did.take care!

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