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Re: Why no cure?
Mar 28, 2004
OOoook, well that was certainly more than I expected to find while reading about acne ;-)

Anyway, I particularly like this statement by Prometheus,
[QUOTE]And no just because something is preventable doesn't mean it is the person's fault. It could be another person's fault. It could be the result of a chemical toxin that the person had no control being exposed to...however, if it was everyone's job to take care of themselves and provide their own healthcare there would be a greater concern for the environment, and a greater concern for personal well-being, health, and family.[/QUOTE]

I'm so glad I take Psychology classes because a person's perception means EVERYTHING when it comes to behavior modifcation. If someone isn't ready to change and you try to initiate change, it will backfire.

The most important thing one must do before they are willing to committ to change, is to become aware of the problem. If you aren't aware, then there's nothing to "change". In this sense, the problem is [B]that the majority of the population are not fully, conciously aware of how much of an impact our dietary choices have on our health[/B]. The most perplexing part of this is, that we know we should eat right and some of use believe that we do, but we still have health/hormonal problems, is that correct?

Well, to address the qoute above, just because we KNOW that there are diseases that are peventable, it doesn't always mean it is your fault. Notice my wording? If you are [U]completely[/U] clueless as to the damage the diet you eat is causing you, it is [B]not[/B] your fault. [B]If[/B] you become [B]aware[/B] and do [B]nothing[/B] about it need to take some responsibility. I for one am not perfect with this and it's because I currently can't be and yes I blame the government. ;-) Yet, just because I am unable to safely do everything "right," doesn't mean I don't try. My trying has got me here and it's faaar better then where I was before. I[B] believe that if we ALL tried, then one day the gov't will see what it is that we want [/B] (ya think?) and decide to make healthy food, particularly vegetables, more affordable to us.

After all, most of our greatest discoveries originated from nature to begin with. Antibiotics, vaccines, and medications all have their natural counterpart. All science did is "perfect it", make it stronger, mass produce it, and of course patent it for money. There's a formula out called Essiac and the nurse that got it from the Ojibwa Indians decided to give the formula away for free for many many years! This formula is a potent detoxifier that has been found to cure AIDS, Cancer and yes, even Acne. I actually tried one of the several versions of this 4-herb formula, and while I didn't take it in doses significant enough for my acne, it did help with my headaches at the time. I'm constantly getting updates form one of the companies and just yesterday I was reading another one about a kid with cystic acne. IT took 2 weeks to see improvements and several months before he was clear...all by drinking this tea several times a day. Of course for those that don't like the idea of drinking tea, it does come in capsule form too ;-)

Furthermore, scientists are continually discovering the relationship that food has in [B]aiding[/B] in cancer growth or [U]preventing[/U] it. It's no one's fault they got cancer, well unless it was from alcohol or smoking, but sometimes it can be prevented. People that are intolerant to foods can get stomach or colon cancers because it is causing them, sometimes unknowing, damage. Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer has also been linked to Insulin Resistance,which of course you know I, along with Cornell University, and other studies, attribute to eating Grains, and other foods that boost your IR level, and thus hormones that will increase cell growth. Despite the MANY studies that continue to support the need for more fruits, vegetables and nuts (if not allergic) in our diets due to their nutrients, antioxidants & phytosterols that lower cholesterol, detoxfiy, and as such help prevent some cancers (by boosting glutathione levels), I don't understand WHY they aren't pushing for us to eat these 10x a day, instead of grains. Anyone care to guess?

Hmm, my guess is that while there are PLENTY of other important things in the world other than "just acne", that acne for some of us is an indicator of something [B]worse[/B] to come. That whether it is knowing (fruits and veggies are healthy but aren't subsidized) or unknowing (the consumers), intentional (toxins dumped in our land and water) , or unintentional (breathing in ciggarette smoke, etc), our nation is slowly becoming poisoned and most of it is [B]preventable[/B]! Think about it, our top diseases are Obesity, Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, and Diabetes Type II.

So for those that are demanding "proof", while there are plenty of pseudoscience or anecdotal evidence passed down from prior generations, there are not a ton of scientific studies that back the acne-diet link directly. There are plenty, ad naseum, studies that have a small piece of the puzzle pointing to our diets, nutrients, and the effects of specific foods on our hormones however. Most of what you see us avoiding and have found success with, initially started out based on observation and scientific data from studies. The tricky part is that you will find data supporting the elimination of practically everything, so what you do is find data that goes [B]beyond[/B] that. You want data that correlates with cancer, insulin, diabetes, hyperthyroidsim, obesity, etc. So when you [B]add[/B] the negatives for a particular food based on these does point to and show you how to eat a truly healthy diet.

The result is the elimination of certain foods that by now you've all heard, and sometimes a few other misc. foods. If you find that it works and you don't feel like you need to eliminate that many foods, or if it doesn't get you 100% clear (among other things), then one day you might want to look into detoxification. This is a natural process that our bodies go through when we consume fiber, fruits, and vegetables, when we sweat, use the restroom, or when women go through menses.

Believe in natural selection? Well, there are those that evolve in order to survive and those that don't, and consequently don't survive. Most animals in the wild evolved to [I]know[/I] that some foods they eat are toxic and as such they will eat around the toxic part or eat foods that have less - no toxins (why aren't more humans doing this?). Of course others also consume clay to help them flush these toxins out of their bodies. Cleansing is a natural process that we all go through and maybe because of the kinds of foods we eat now (far from "natural") it means that we will have to consume herbs and do various flushes seasonally (just like we must change the oil in our cars) in order to help our liver heal and function properly. This is particularly a concern for those that don't change their diet vs. those that do. Those that do permanently change their diet will need to cleanse far less often.

Also, I do feel for you guys when it comes to parasites, but the Japanese do this at least once a year, so it's can't be that bad. Along with them, other countries must do this because their hygiene isn't superb. Yet, if you are consuming undercooked animal protein, water vegetation, or have pets, you probably got parasites. Those parasites can be harmless or can make you very sick. They can make you unhealthy by just leeching off of your nutrients, hence nutrient deficiencies (some boost nutrients though) or they can do a lot worse than that. So doing a flush would be good, but you can also do what others have done for centuries and increase your vegetable and herb intake. While you can also consume CoQ10 for this, here's some specific ones that are naturally antibacterial and also antiparasitic:

Garlic - 100% inhibition
Onion - 100%
Allspice - 100%
Oregano - 100%
Cinnamon - 87%
Cumin - 85%
Cloves - 83%
Chili - 82%
Rosemary - 75%
Mint - 68%
Fennel - 55%
Salt/Pepper - 35%
Ginger - 30%
Lemon/Lime - 20%

Of course, if concerned about some of these detoxes, do them with the guidance of a Naturopathic Physician. Or just make sure you follow the directions, read up lots, and as a safety precaution if you don't have someone home, at the very least notify someone that you will be doing a specific cleanse. The perk about doing a liver flush for example, is that it has been known to not just eliminate acne, but Diabetes, Crohns, IBS, Allergies and other Food Intolerances. Of course, you must still improve your diet to some degree (less than before), otherwise you haven't helped to fully heal your liver.

Oh yeah and I too bust my butt to offer those peer-reviewed studies and try to break it down a bit simpler, but they are either ignored or scoffed at. ={ I don't understand, there is no more proof then providing a scientific study outside of visual resuts (from seeing yourself and others). This is what accutane, retina, B5, etc are based on, so why is it when we suggest, sometimes strongly, that we all need to alter our diets, it's taken very horribly. The funny thing is that I never tell you that you can't enjoy food or have any of your favorites, all I do is tell you that you can't have them THAT way. Regardless, I come back renewed and try again, because I care and I know what it feels like and even if I help one more person, it's better than not helping at all. =)

Best of luck

P.S. Joeh, the Lord would make it Gluten Free, for me =)

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