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damn, now i need to add vitamin a to my regime :P

Currently takeing 5gs b5, 200iu e, b-complex, biotin, 1000mg vitamin c, 50mg zinc, 1000mg flax oil. This okay? I heard to stay away from multivitamins so i have, i just recently got the zinc and the e, so i hope they have some sort of good effect. Also thx for telling me about doing the vitamins e thing, think ill buy some v-a and test that out on my cysts. GD, people without acne don't know what ******** we have to go through GRRRRRRRR

I believe my acne is due to testosterone, i think i am a late bloomer, got acne at age 18 and am now 21. I do heavy weight lifting everyohter day so i bet that contributes to my testosterone, but oh well, not gonna stop working out because it gives me acne. The muscles will be there when the crap on my face is gone. :P

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