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LOL, of course it works, although I've heard you need to be careful when choosing a vitamin A to put on topically. Generally in skin care products you may find [B]Retinol [/B] (natural form - oil) or [B]Retinol/Retinyl Palmitate [/B] (this is supposed to be clogging to pores - oil or dry), both of which are found in supplements, along with [B]Vitamin A Acetate[/B] (dry). I generally have always found Retinol Palmitate in my skin care products and have never had problems though. So perhaps the problem comes from the base ingredients such as, vegetable oil, soybean oil, & beeswax, as they are considered pore clogging, so avoid Vitamin A capsules with those.

Also, all of these forms will convert into the active form in the skin, known as retinoic acid (RetinA). Retinol is less stable and not as easily converted into Retinoic acid though, but apparently using the oil from the capsules directly on your skin can slow it's degredation vs. adding it to a gel or lotion product (where it sits for days or weeks). I also found that if it's not effective it could be because you aren't using a high enough dose (IUs), but if it's too high it could be just as irritating as RetinA. Now I know that companies add 20,000IUs - 50,000IUs a bottle of serum/cream, how much are you guys using???

Someone also mentioned that they had high Testosterone levels, well if you do than taking [B]anti-androgens & DHT Inhibitors [/B] topically and/or orally will help you out. That's how Vitamin A (large doses), Accutane, Isotrex (topical accutane), Azelex, & RetinA work, by inhibiting DHT formation in the skin, thus reducing sebum production and hyperkertinization so that you skin will exfoilate properly and you won't have clogged pores. Of course if you make a lot of extra testosterone you may find that oral treatments/supplements (or diet) will be much more effective. Yet when it comes to Vitamin A and it's derivatives, definately have to be careful with that so its good to see that you guys are doing this topically instead.

Say, has anyone noticed an improvement in skin tone, regarding pigmentation marks & scarring?


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