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Re: Acne GONE!!!
Mar 21, 2004
[QUOTE=MiamiBarbie]I need to add to this....For the first time, I went on this site because I was frustrated, hiding and people thought I had chicken pox....while I was beautiful before that. Nothing was working and I was going crazy. More than anything I was terrified of accutane...we all hear those horror stories. But I got the guts and did it! No regrets...I tell you. Now again, I am as beautiful as I used to be...(I stopped suntanning as well-I thought it would dry out the pimples, but instead it was creating scars. But those too are gone now.All by themselves.) Stop obscessing about your acne and look at it from the positive side. A girl, just like anyone of you is cured now![/QUOTE]

The same thing happened to me! I am 23 years old, and about 1 month and a half ago, I started getting this crazy acne all over the lower half of my face, and a little on forehead (It's not hormonal, I was tested)! It's driving me crazy! I had always had the normal acne as a teen (pimple here, pimple there), but now this is just so crazy! I have huge, red cysts, EVERYWHERE (Mostly on the lower half of my face). I've never experienced anything like this in my life! My face is so burnt and fried from all the medications, and it seems like barely now it is STARTING to calm down. But pimples are still popping up.

Miami, what did your acne look like? You said people were asking you if you had the chicken pox? My acne is like a combination of little white heads, big read pimples, and deep cystic ones.. Uggggghhh this is so horrible. I wish this upon no one.. It is so painful, I can only sleep on my back... and the whole right side of my neck is just totally burnt up from the medications I've been on... I've also had like 3 people ask me if I'm sick...or if something is "wrong".

As for accutane, I don't know? I heard it has so many freaky side effects. Maybe not now, but later on in life (they can show up). Plus, the whole "chapped lipps" things just scares me. I saw my boyfriend's little brother go through looked sooooo painful. :eek: Plus, I always read posts from people on these boards that regret taking accutane.. so that kind of worries me too. :confused:

Are you hispanic by any chance? I just want to get details, cause maybe this might be the way for me to go... Who knows? I am hispanic (South American) with very fair skin... It was kind of oily..but not as much as it is now... It's just gross now..

Also, did your doctor put you on any birth control or anything like that? Oh yeah, and how long did your whole acne thing last in general?

Sorry for the 20 questions... I'm just really really bummed about this whole thing... And I want to find a solution quick!

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