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[QUOTE=prometheus]You know why I'm so frank about it? Because I know, ultimately, I'm going to end up paying, taxes or in some way or another, for other people's stupidity. Other people who simply refuse to take responsibility for themselves..i'm going to end up paying for because they expect the "goverment" or the "system" to take care of them. Most diseases are preventable. I hate the idea of some punk kid damaging his liver and ruining his health and then 20 years down the line I end up paying, in some manner or another, for his health problems.[/QUOTE]

that's bs man, i don't know what your real problem is but nobody is talking about the government here. it's not even an issue. rants about the government aren't contributing to my knowledge on the subject or anyone else's. maybe i didn't make this clear earlier: i'm not planning on damaging my liver, which is why I want to know what other people did while they were on accutane.
[QUOTE=prometheus]if you failed your liver test you drank until your liver was shot. It may not be permanently "damaged" but i'm sure its function is not great either or atleast not as good as it could be. I don't think anyone here can answer your specific question on amount. Why don't you ask your doctor? I'm sure you'll get a lot of people saying they drank alcohol while on accutane with no problem meanwhile they are suicidal and get sick a lot. I'm sure you'll get people saying they drank alcohol or smoked pot while taking accutane and it didn't affect them at all but you don't know 20 years down the line...most of these people will just attribute their health deficits to being "old" and act like it wasn't supposed to happen and expect other people or the "government" pay for it or the "system" to take care of them.[/QUOTE]

that's a good point, there isn't an exact answer. i just want to be informed as much as i can be as i go through with this and firsthand knowledge is the best way to do that. my doctor told me "drink every once in a while." this doesn't do much for me: a. because i don't know what once in a while is and more importantly b. because my doctor has his own *** to cover and c. he's never been on it

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