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Re: Vocabulary
Mar 23, 2004
You intuition will tell you how often. Really, you should only exfoliate if you have dry flakes on your face. You will know when you start to flake that it is time to exfoliate. Really, exfoliating just gets that dry skin off. It's true a lot of dry skin plugs the skin creating blackheads. So if that's your prob, by all means exfoliate. But it won't get rid of them. It is preventative. It will take plugs out of the nose, but usually by the time you have a blakheads, the hole is there and can be easily filled the next day by dirt or oil from your body.

If you don't have noticeably dry and flaky skin and want to try on your blackheads, then just do it once a week. But again, everyone's skin is different. Use your intuition. Just do not do it every day. Doing it too often can remove too much of the top layer of your skin which can make it vulnerable and sensitive.

The washcloth is good for your bod. I wouldn't recommend it on your face. It might irritate it. Just put a little exfoliater maybe a quarter-size on your fingers and rub in a circular motion on your face.

I would not suggest doing it too often, or on a face full of white heads and red dots, because you could make your skin worse.

Summary: If it's flaky skin, twice a week or use your intuition. Black heads once a week.

For me, I hate exfoliation, because I feel it makes my skin worse. I have flaky skin and acne. If I don't prevent the flakes, I get more acne. But if I scrub, my present acne gets worse. If this isn't your problem, and you have relatively clear skin and just some black heads, then, yea, the scrub should be fine.

About blackheads, I have had two friends who found getting professional facials helped them a lot. They pick them out and apply an antibiotic/cortisone with a needle to prevent them coming again. I have seen the results, and I have to say I was amazed. But I have never had a facial. Try to go to a good place if you do this, even if it costs a lot of money. Never go to a shady salon. Again, your intuition will help you with that, too.

Hope this helps. Good luck! :)

[QUOTE=#2.StunnA.]so are you saying that exfoliating is a good thing? if i start to do that to my face, how often would i have to do it? I just would have to get a washcloth and scrub my face (how hard?)?[/QUOTE]

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