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[QUOTE=Skeet]At this point, I am pleased with the results so far, especially since I'm relatively early in my treatment. I really can't believe some of the changes. The entire left side of my face and my forehead are entirely clear. The red marks from before are about 75%+ clearer. My right side and chin are about 70% clear. Although there are still some bumps under my skin, which will eventually come up and form pimples.

I've gotten several compliments (from family) on my skin. And one of the greatest things is that stare people give you when your walking past them. The type of stare you do when you see a good looking girl and you keep your eyes secretly locked on her until they look your way then you quickly look away.... well, I get that now! lol. Makes my day every time :D

Side effects: I got a new derm who switched me from generic accutane (Amnesteem) 20mg twice a day, to real Accutane 40mg once a day. This switch over somehow actually lessened the bone aches I get... but I do still get them.

Thanks to the non-water Cetaphil cleaning regimine, my face isn't superdry. Once in a while I get flakes on my nose, chin, or near my eyebrows - but thats not too much of a problem. Aquaphor is a Godsend for my lips, while they are chapped when I dont put any on, they have never gotten to the point of bleeding or anything.

One thing I have noticed that has gotten worse are the nosebleeds. This could be because I cut back on the Vaseline a little during spring break. But now its hard to put Vaseline in my nose cause it triggers a nose bleed. VERY ANNOYING.

One really disgusting thing that I have noticed is that once in a while shed skin starts to accumulate and turn light green, it kinda looks like a scab. It scared the **** out of me when I first saw it cause I thought I was having some allergic reaction, but then I noticed I can peel it off. Since then it hasnt become a problem.

Another thing is how thin my skin is. Just scratching an itch can cut my skin. At one point the pores in the back of my hand were getting raw or something cause I wasnt putting lotion on there. Resting my arms on a table for too long will also damage my skin, the first time I found this out I left my inner arms on the table for a while cause I was leaning on it. When I went to pull them off it looked like I had broken out in a rash. Cetaphil lotion and Vaseline have fixed both problems.

As for mood changes, I'm really astounded by the fact that my mood and self-esteem have actually gotten better. I'm feeling great and optomistic. I don't even feel excessively tired like some said I would, in fact I felt more tired last semester when I didnt even do anything but sit in my room. Now I'm a lot more active throughout my day and still have the energy to goto the gym everyday, although I am getting a good 7-8 hours of sleep everyday - as opposed to the 4-5 hours last semester.

How are the people that started taking accutane with me doing?

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.[/QUOTE]

I am very happy to hear it is working so well for you! :)

I am on day 36 myself, so we pretty close on the treatment timeline! I too am amazed at how well it it is working, and how fast! My skin looks better now than it has in years! Yesterday, I saw a friend that I hadn't seen in about a month. As soon as she saw me she said "Wow!!! Your Face!!! Your skin looks great!!!" That really made my day!

The only side effects I have are dry lips and nose, but it is nothing that a little vaseline can't take care of! My bloodtests so far have been fine, no changes from the pre-accutane baseline tests! I told my Derm that if I couldn't see that it is working so well, I would think I was taking a placebo! After all of the negative stories we all hear, I was prepared to have problems, but so far, so good!

She raised my dosage at the start of month 2 (last week) from 40 mg per day to alternating 40 mg once per day and 40 mg twice per day - every other day. I had a little bit of an initial breakout with the increased dosage, but it has already cleared up! I have been taking weekly pictures to document my progress, and the change from week one to now is outstanding!

Well, good luck with the rest of your treatment! We will have to keep eachother updated!

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