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[QUOTE=aquarius0121]I would never take antibiotics long term. They make me sick to my stomach. The pill would be great at regulating hormones, so that's the direction I would go it.[/QUOTE]

I agree. I really get sick how many dermatologists care less about the true cause of acne and instead, push antibiotics which just cease to work after a short while. The problem is that most dermatologists literally 'run a business' (that's how one dermatologist I know explained it to me) to try and get the greatest number of people thru the door. This means they have less time to spend with each patient and less time for research. So basically they just end up relying on drug companies and pushing their products.

Sorry for the tangent. Anyway, I've read a lot about supplements like Evening Primrose Oil. Supposedly this supplement is a rich source of the EFA gamma-linolenic acid. The body converts gamma-linolenic acid into prostaglandins (hormone-like substances that act as an anti-inflammatory). Therefore, Evening Primrose Oil has been show to improve acne. I guess it's worth a shot (even my endo mentioned that there is no harm in taking it since the gamma-linolenic acid is supposed to be very good for the body in general).
Just out of curiosity, have any of you changed anything shortly before your acne got worse that you can attribute to it? I have always had acne to some extent, but it seemed to get worse when I went on a low carb diet. The following things changed at the same time:

- I starting eating a lot more meat and cheese
- Starting taking a multi-vitamin

Now since then I have stopped dairy since that seems to be a big problem for a lot of people, and I have stopped the multi vitamin since I hear they are usually bad quality. It also had iodine, which could have been a culprit. Now I am taking a hair vitamin (with biotin, B5, and many other good things in it). It is too soon to tell if I am going to have improvement, but I am trying many other things:

Differin at night, Benzaclin in the am
Water with lemon juice in the am
Hair/skin vitamin with extra zinc
I did by evening primrose oil, but haven't been taking on a daily basis yet
Aloe gel am and pm, followed by Vitamin E cream as a moisturizer
Cetaphil as a cleanser
Overall low carb diet with veggies, fruit, raw nuts, meat, fish, high fiber cereal w/ almond milk (no dairy or soy milk)

We'll see if any of this helps out in a few weeks. We can always hope, right?

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