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[QUOTE=LuckyStar1]I've posted questions regarding on how to supress the coming of a huge pimple. Needless to say, it came and it is *HUGE*. I also posted a question regarding how a pimple left but the bump was still there... well it got even bigger!! i mean huge.. i never had a blemish this size. I guess the pimple came back?? Even my mother (who has always been supportive) says they are huge and I should try to "hide them" with my hair.
I mean before these two blemishes, my face was CLEAR and then in a matter of days I get these two GIGANTIC blemishes. They are also so red and extremely hard to conceal. They are extra shinny compared to my skin. And they give me horrid headaches. I'm so depressed. I have a date tomorrow and I'm going to have to make something up and cancel. My confidence level has gone from an extreme high to an extreme low. I also believe these bad boys are gonna stick around for a long time. There is no white head forming on either... but I really hope they do get the head white. The HUGE one even has no skin on it.. my skin is broken around it just so the monster could "push through" and become visible. I am so depressed....
I keep looking in the mirror like every 5 minutes.. and I just so disgusted at myself. My phone is ringing right now and its a friend who wants to hang out and I'm ignoring the call b/c i don't want him to see me like this :(
I'm sorry for venting but I have to get these off my chest. My family and friends would not understand. Any advice, tips, words of kindness, or even "slaps of reality" would be appreciated.[/QUOTE]

Ask your derm if he/she can give you a cortizone injection on the cysts. It can cost $75-100 if its not covered by insurance, but it will make the biggies dissapear in 24 hours. I can leave a little indent where the needle pierces the skin, but that disappears for me in 2-3 weeks. If you cant get a cortizone shot, try the hydrocortizone ointment from any drugstore. Also, I havent tried this but visine (the contact lens saline cleaner) is supposed to reduce the redness FAST for a few hours, so you could try this before you head out

What works for me best is warm compress to bring the cyst to a head (it can take 24 hours of doing this every 4-5 hours) and then pop it cleanly with a sterilized needle and then cover it with neosporin or other antibiotic ointment. I know they say never to pop your zits, but in my 10 years of experience with acne. the big guys vanish sooner and scar less if I do things to finish them off fast.

Good luck!

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