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thats how it starts out then your blemishes will then dry up and go away and your skin will be normal.well i started oct 5 of 2002 and by thanksgiving my skin was looking really good because my sister asked how i got my skin looking so good.check out transexual sites.....not the porn sites.....on the effect of spiro on male to female transexuals.a lot of transexuals are on between 150 mgs to 500 mgs of spiro daily and 7 mgs of premerin a day.if your under 20 ,100mgs of spiro wont turn you into a girl but might keep you boy over 40 and no amount of hormones and anti-androgens will change my bone might make you steril and in little as 6 months but i think if i went off i think i still could produce depends on the person so thats why you might want to clear your skin and save up 1200 dollars and get a smoothbeam laser treatments.i think on avg. they charge 300 dollars per treatment.well if your steril then you will be cured of might be great if you want to be a priest in the catholic church.i have had no bad side effects but you lose interest in sex and can't have sexual intercourse....thats it.thats why if you were under 20 and i was a doc i wouldnt prescribe it until i had a paper from your psyciatrist stating acne was causing great mental distress.if it wasnt for the impotant/steril thing it would be great for guys but it is suppressing the thing that is making you male....androgens aka male sex hormone aka testosterone.and unfortunately thats whats causing you acne.

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