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LOL Neca...woohoo..someone who can talk as much as I do in a post :D ! I wish I could tell you about all of the people who I've either A.) read about or B.) know , who have cured themselves through diet. The thing is...everyone is different though. I have known others who have gone the diet route and been able to eat much more meat than I can, or can tolerate oatmeal. Maybe it is because I didn't start with any of the cleanses first and that is why my diet must be alot more refined than others..but either way, it poses no problems for me, and whether the cleanses have raised my tolerance..I probably won't test my boundaries any, because I enjoy the way I eat...and I feel there are other health benefits to it as well. That does remind me though...I did come across some various interesting salad recipes that I've gotta post! I just have to go back and find them ;) . Maybe they can bring a little more variety for everyone. Oh, another thought about an interesting recipe..well, it could be interesting..I've never tried it. I know with macrobiotic recipes they include kombu with alot of dishes...maybe it would go well with quinoa flakes? The reason I'm thinking this is because I know they suggest adding salt to quinoa flakes, and kombu is a bit salty. Hmm, just a thought. I eat these maybe twice a year lol, but it still might be interesting!

Neca, I feel like I relate to you in terms of how long it is taking you..because it took me longer than everyone else as well! I was just wondering about some things beyond diet. You say that you tend to have alot of oil production on your you use fabric softener or dryer sheets? These cause alot of people to break out because they generally leave a layer of oil on peoples faces/bodies (most people also tend to use these softeners/sheets on their laundry loads of towels :nono: ). For some reason my sensitivity to detergents and fabric softeners was a little generally I don't use a towel to dry my face...instead it either air dries, or dries from the air coming from my fan on my desk (but that's just me!). Your oil production should have decreased with diet, so that's why I was wondering if maybe there was something else causing the oilyness on your face. Just a thought :) .

LOL Indy and Neca about the waking up early! I can't ever get more than a few hours of sleep these nights! I am just never ever's driving me insane! lol I used to go to bed around 10 and wake up around I can't get to sleep until 1 or 2, and I still wake up at 7! :eek: I feel like I should be getting more sleep to give myself healing time...but I just can't sleep! lol

As for myself, I don't drink much green tea, though it is nice with some lemon and a bit of honey. I don't care much for almonds in honey though, honey is just a little too sweet for me. But, I eat plenty of fruit and I'm sure that's enough sugar for me for the day!

Indy, you just eat apples and some almond butter and go till lunch with nothing? Maybe I have a bigger appetite than you lol. Why don't you bring something to snack on? Maybe some almonds, or hazelnuts, or raw carrots, or a grapefruit...or something else? If you've got a desk, you could always pick up one of those mini desktop fridges (which you can get pretty cheap) and keep it up on your desk to keep your snacks cool :cool: .

Neca, your right, eating smaller meals throughout the day is much better for you. When you eat a meal, you should not make yourself "full". I remember the days where I used to stuff myself 3 times a day (everyday was like Thanksgiving for me lol)....I felt terrible! As for the paragone, I don't think it should harm your teeth? It didn't have any effects on mine as far as I can tell. I'm not too sure about the bentonite? Let's see...mine says Purified Bentonite GP Premium (Yerba Prima Great Plains Detox Bentonite), if that helps any? You'll have to check with Prometheus on that one.

As for the cleanses....they are important. Diet will heal you, but think of it this way...If a car hasn't been taken care of/kept up (no tune ups, not changing the oil, bad fuel/oil, etc) the entire time the owner has had it and then one day the owner decides...well, today I think I am going to put good gas and high quality oil in may run a little better, but it still has junk and problems left behind from it not being taken care of it's not going to run like a brand new off the showroom floor car. Haha, okay, did that make any sense? I've been up too sleep, an abundance of energy, and a few too many apples can make you loopy sometimes!

LOL, Yes, I should grow my own fruits and veggies. My health food store beams when I walk in..I think it's because they know that I'll be walking out broke and they'll have all of my money lol. I eat alot (let's just say I can go through a jar of almond butter easily in one day, and still have plenty of room leftover for much much more food). But, I'm also a pretty active person, and I don't want to lose anymore weight, so I do keep plenty of snacks on hand.

As for things going through your system easily...well that is just great! You know what shocked me a few months back? Well, I went to a new doctor near me for a checkup (I like to get my blood checked every now and then...I almost think it's become a habit lol. My levels are fine and everything, but, it's just a fun passtime to find out all of the cool stuff about your blood! lol..and if you do have anything wrong with it, trust me, you'll see everything become perfect levels for your bloodwork). Anyhow, back to the story! Well, they asked the general questions, one being how many bowel movements do I have each day. I said everyday, atleast 2-3. The doctor looked at me like I was crazy! Her exact words were "That is not good. If your having that many bowel movements a day, than too much is going out of you! Nobody should be eliminating that much." If that's the advice a doctor gives..well then give me a white coat and a thermometer and call me Doc, because I know that I can do much more good for her patients than she can!

Keep up the cleansing and eating well! It will pay off. Sometimes it takes time for our bodies to adjust/clean out/and get better overall. I know a few people who switched to raw food diets and didnt finally experience "fully clear skin" until 9 mnths to 1 1/2 years later (one had acne most of their life, the other had developed adult acne, and they didn't change anything other than diet, so I'm very convinced this was it!). Don't get discouraged. Nobody develops acne overnight, and nobody can fix it overnight either ;) . But, I think alot more people are on the right track to fixing it..and fixing any other health problems they might have. BTW, you asked how long it was before I could look and say "I have clear skin". Well, I honestly think everyone judges themselves alot more than others, and when your achieving results don't always recognize them. I didn't think my skin was "flawless" or anything like that a few months back, but what opened my eyes a little bit more was when the nurse taking my blood looked at me and said "you have the smoothest complexion I have ever seen, what do you use on your face!" I just smiled and said it's what goes inside of me..not on me. Right when I got done and she was walking me out another nurse complimented me on how my skin seemed to glow and was wondering what I used on it....when you hear things like that, it feels great! That's when I finally took a good look in the mirror and realized I didnt have any bumps at all, just a few fading marks, and I seemed to be the only one who noticed those! And that was a few months back, and I think my complexion looks 100x better now :) .

I hope that covered everything...sometimes I just start typing and stray wayyyy of topic.

Take care!
Ok Neca, here goes a simple recipe I found for making raw almond butter.

Buy a coffee grinder (most are as cheap as $10 or so)

Soak nuts of choice in water until they are completely saturated (usually 1-2 days, depending on the nut)

Grind the nuts up really well in the grinder.

Transfer to a food processor and add water to form the appropriate consistency.

It's supposed to be pretty good. I'm thinking of trying it soon..if I have any luck and it becomes something I do regularly then maybe I shall start a business and I'll just send you, Prometheus, and Indy almond butter for free ;) . Atleast now I have a new project to attempt on a rainy day! I've come across a few other ways of making almond butter, but they are a bit more complicated and require the more expensive juicers/blenders, which I don't have as of yet. I do plan on getting a solostar juicer within the next few months though, I'm excited :D !

Oh...heres a few more recipes :) .

[U]Carrot Pate:[/U] (I could be mistaken...but I thought I remember Prometheus mentioning eating this maybe it's good? lol
5 carrots
2 cups almonds, soaked 12-48 hours and blanched
1/4 cup carrot or other fresh juice
1/4 cup finely chopped green onions
3 T lemon juice
Ground kelp

In the food processor it goes, and out either on your salad, or wrapped in lettuce.

Now I'm just not so sure about this next recipe..but it does sound like an interesting "dessert".

[U]Endive "cups":[/U]
(for 10 leaf cups, double is needed)
1 head endive
1-2 carrots, grated
1/3 cup raw almond butter
½ cup almonds soaked overnight

Separate and wash endive leaves. Mix carrots and almond butter. Spoon into leaves. Top with ground almonds. Arrange on! :p

For everyone looking for pie crusts if they are in need of them. Here is one...I do believe this is similar to what they recommend for low carbers as well, though I could be wrong.

[U]Almond Pie Crust:[/U]
2 cups almonds (soaked overnight)
1/3 - 1/2 cup dates
Put in a food processor with a little water.

[U]Broccoli-Waldorf Salad:[/U]
2 cups broccoli, cut in small pieces
1 apple cubed
4 stalks celery, diced
1 cup grapes, sliced in half
1 cup walnuts (which have been soaked)
½ cup apple cider vinegar
1/4 cup olive oil

Once again, I have never tried any of these...but they are natural food recipes, and they do sound interesting, so I thought I'd post them.

Here is the liver cleansing salad recipe:
1 cup or more of carrot pulp, or grated carrot, or the carrot remains from juicing.
1 tablespoon each or more of olive oil and lemon juice, with raisins, seeds or spices (recommended to try ginger) to flavor.

Eat this for 7 days in a row (I'm pretty sure you caneat other things....but have this as one of your meals), no skipping any days :nono: .

Good Juice for the liver:
fresh-squeezed carrot/apple/parsley/beet juice as often as you can.

Neca, I still use regular laundry detergent (I try to get the ones that do not contain any of the scents etc...just plain laundry detergent, and I don't use fabric softener/softener sheets.) Alot of people have reported on clearer skin once cutting out softeners...most do okay with just the detergent. There are natural detergents, and there are ways to make your own natural detergent...but, I haven't gotten around to either of those yet lol. So right now I stick to plain unscented boring laundry detergent lol. I dont wash my face in the shower, I wash it right when I get out, and then let it air dry. This helped my breakouts caused from the softeners and such, but didn't clear me up....but it is something I started doing since about 2 years ago, and it really seemed to help, especially because back then I already had enough oil on my face from diet, and did not need any excess oil from fabric softeners going onto my face.

Well, I've done alot of posting today! I have the day off, I'm on an energy rush, and I have nothing to do lol. Maybe it's a good day to attempt making nut butter. Hmmm....
[QUOTE=indy gal]My goodness, you ladies post novels! I feel like I never have the time.[/QUOTE]

LOL Indy! I am a guy, I really hope I don't come off sounding like a woman ha!

Well I also have to join the breakout group, yesterday I got quite a few mini-breakouts notably a few allergic reactions, whiteheads and a few red marks. The thing is this is to be expected as we are sweeping out all these parasites and toxins many old ones too but hopefully the breakouts will settle down within a few weeks.

[QUOTE=indy gal]was thinking that maybe, just maybe, I didn't have any in me. (Or is that just wishful thinking?)[/QUOTE]

Like parasites, we ALL have MP even if you still don't see any after 6 months of cleansing. MP is the build up of mucous matter on the walls of the intestines. Also called a layering of mucin or glycoproteins (made up of 20 amino acids and 50% carbohydrates) which are naturally and appropriately secreted by intestines as protection from acids and toxins. Medical research indicates that mucoid plaque is a normal self-defense measure—natural protection from unnatural toxins. So as it is naturally produced we all have it but its thickness will vary from person to person. I read about the 4-5 shakes thing from RICHARD ANDERSON, N.D., N.M.D. article called "The Key to Excellent Health: Cleansing the Colon".

[QUOTE=indy gal](Or is that just wishful thinking?)[/QUOTE]

Unfortunately yep :(

MsMeagan it's quite promising that you are now clear even without seeing any MP, it probably means that the parasite kill was the crucial factor is clearing your skin. I'm sure the bowel cleansing played its part too but maybe the parasites were the ones causing the acne? What do you think was the key element in clearing your skin? I'm just glad it means I won't have to spend weeks trying to get rid of MP as it seems like the entire process takes ages.

[QUOTE=MsMeaganMay]maybe it was "rosacea", maybe it was topicals, maybe it was my face wash, maybe it was my face scrubs...but maybe, it was the inside of me as well. What I do know now is that it is gone[/QUOTE]

OMG please tell me how you got rid of the facial flushing I am desperate to resolve this issue. Wow that is great, yours just went away? Do you remember when you stopped experiencing the flushes i.e. pre/post cleansing? I hate them so much! In my opinion, it's probably stressed related which naturally knocks the hormones out of balance causing strange blood flows. I don't think scrubs or face washes could cause it but maybe antibiotics or steroids which could create a leaky gut. I'm determined to sort this out though.

WOW that almond butter recipe seems great, thanks alot. It doesn't seem too difficult, just requires a bit of patience. LOL, you should so set up a 'MsMeaganMay's home-made almond butter' business. That would be great. But the hard part would be not actually eating the almond butter! A better idea would probably be to release your own 100% Organic Recipe Book. You have posted so many great recipes I'm sure it would be a best-seller :D .

[QUOTE=MsMeaganMay]Here is the liver cleansing salad recipe:
1 cup or more of carrot pulp, or grated carrot, or the carrot remains from juicing.
1 tablespoon each or more of olive oil and lemon juice, with raisins, seeds or spices (recommended to try ginger) to flavor.

Eat this for 7 days in a row (I'm pretty sure you caneat other things....but have this as one of your meals), no skipping any days .

Good Juice for the liver:
fresh-squeezed carrot/apple/parsley/beet juice as often as you can.[/QUOTE]

Now I'm really confused with regards to this 'Liver Cleansing Salad'. My salads always consist of loads of carrots, parsley, olive oil and lemon juice does that mean I have been cleansing my liver all my life, lol :confused: ? I don't use fresh-squeezed apple or beet juice though. This cleanse won't produce gallstones will it? It will just lightly clean the liver out.

Okie dok guys, speak to ya later.. :)
[QUOTE]I am a guy, I really hope I don't come off sounding like a woman [/QUOTE]

*blushes* I am so sorry! I guess there was never any indication one way or another. For the longest time I thought Prometheus was a guy, then one day she posted something that made me know I was wrong.

Sorry about your breakout. Mine is still there too, this one big spot forming under the skin. Frustrating, but I know we have to be patient. Last night my husband made some vanilla pudding (low-carb) and offered me some, and I turned it down, because during the duration of the parasite kill I want to follow my diet 100% and see what the results end up being. If I ever get to where I am 100% clear, and go without no new breakouts for 2 weeks, then I will start introducing a few things back in my diet (like eggs), to see what I can and cannot eat.

I may have to go look for this Jason's cleanser. Where do you buy yours at Meagan? I am using Cetaphil cream cleanser in the am and bar soap in the pm, but if changing to something else can make my skin as radiant as your is, then I'm for trying it out.

I have a question that might sound dumb, but do carrots affect your skin? They are very high glycemic food, and doesn't that spike your blood sugar? Would that have any affect on the whole insulin-hormone connection? Just curious... We need to form a mini support group for those of us altering our diets to prevent acne. There are so many temptation out there!
[QUOTE=prometheus]Neca, what do you mean you are born with allergies?[/QUOTE]

As far back as I can remember I have had allergies. My mother said I started developing infrequent allergies when I was around 5 or 6.

[QUOTE=prometheus]Actually I don't really know the diet you follow. In order to get rid of acne you have to get rid of what causes it...cleanses alone will not do it. Cleanses are a waste of time alone, if you ask me.[/QUOTE]

You do know the diet I follow. I have outlined it so many times on these boards and have posted several suggestions to people of the diet acne sufferers should follow.

Of course cleanses are a waste of time if you just eat mucuous forming foods. I hardly think it would be productive for me (or others on this board reading this) to claim I am going to heal myself naturally through cleansing and at the same time eat a junkfood diet. If I knew what was causing my acne do you think I would still be consuming such a product? It would be out of the window and I would never look back.

[QUOTE=prometheus]You say you don't eat breads dairy etc..but I don't know what this means since you've also said that eating not so good things in moderation is very good and keeps your body from becoming too clean and allergies from getting worse. If you still have acne there is something in your diet that needs to be removed...maybe look at the list again. I don't know.[/QUOTE]

I made the recommendation to people that if you want to avoid allergies developing in the future, you should not entirely wipeout every 'bad' food or not so good foods from our diet. Occasionally eating not so good foods like red meat, eggs, pure chocolate, cheese etc. will help the body develop a strong immunity to these foods thus retaining the antibodies in the body's memory banks. If you discontinue consumption of foods I described above then you run the risk of getting a serious allergic reaction in the future if your body was to encounter any of them unexpectantly.

However, this theory is of course not so good for acne sufferers because it rekindles toxins when these not so good foods are ingested thus causing skin eruptions and mucous that can take weeks-months to fully excrete from the body. So it is a vicious circle.

But my diet is so 'pure' now (and has been for 3 years) that I am afraid my allergy tolerance level is from low and weak. I eat only organic foods; fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, oily fish, small portions of chicken. I don't eat any high carb foods like pasta, rice, bread etc. nor do I eat dairy/eggs foods nor do I eat any foods containing extrinsic sugars.

I cannot blame my diet any longer for causing my acne. There is definitely something else and in my eyes it is hormonal. Yes eating the right foods HELPS balance your hormones but honestly I believe my natural hormonal imbalances by far outweighs any counter-balancing aids from my diet.

[QUOTE=prometheus]About allergies, though..I bet if you moved to a less polluted area they would get better.[/QUOTE]

I agree with this. I think if I were to live on a farm the majority of my allergies would disappear and there are several journals detailing this.

My fear is that it does seem odd that since starting these cleanses I have had a huge surge in allergic reactions so of course I have to question whether or not being internally 'clean' has created this surge. It is almost clear cut that it has as I have not changed anything else.

But thanks for your insight, I appreciate it.

[QUOTE=MsMeaganMay]The thing that worries me the most about people healing their problems with cleansing though is that most usually add the "bad" foods back into their diet that they eliminated the first place...since they can "tolerate" them more. Alot of times though, they just end up in the same boat the started out in.[/QUOTE]

I wouldn't go through the stress and effort of weeks/months of cleansing to ruin it all at the end of it by going back to my old teenage diet just because I experience the illusion of being acne free one day.

Moreover, I have been on my current diet for such a long period of time that I can only crave foods that are consistent with it.

Nuts/seeds are my chocolate craving
Chinese Green tea is my coffee craving
Home-made fruit salads are my cake cravings
Lemon juice/water is my Sprite craving
Carrots are my biscuit craving

My body is so accustomed to this diet that it doesn't even trigger the taste for candy bars, junkfood, pasta, pizza etc. So once I finish my cleansing, I will continue with what I have been eating at the present time. I see no reason to change. I am now much better educated regarding all the chemicals/junk that is incorporated in society's quick fix foods and easy access foods to even think about consuming them.

Good luck with your Liver/Epsom cleanse, please be careful and take it easy Meagan...

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