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[QUOTE=prometheus]Neca, it certainly concerns you..the whole topic, in fact, does.[/QUOTE]

Definitely! I have cooked/eaten foods cooked with cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil for virtually all my life, this is why it interests me so much. I would love to know the actual theory behind how cooked Olive Oil can cause acne. Maybe this is one of the reasons why my skin has hardly ever improved? But I, like Indy, was influenced so much by its high use/reputation in the Mediterranean and by many friends' families from that region. That's why it makes me curious to think Olive Oil could be so damaging. The incidence of acne in that region is quite low but I guess it could be attributed to the climate.

Can I just ask is this just theory or has it actually been proved? I will try not cooking with any Olive Oil from now on and see if it makes any difference however when I do cook with Olive Oil it is such a small amount.

Indy yeh I would go with Coconut oil if you want to cook fish on the stove but try steaming it's much healthier and you don't need to use any oils. Just wrap it up with some garlic if you want in some tin foil leaving a little opening at the top then place it in a metal tray with a small amount of water.

[QUOTE=prometheus]It is good to mix sardines with garlic and (your own) olive oil.[/QUOTE]

I mix raw really thin sliced garlic with so many of my foods..salads, fish, vegetables and actually adds to the taste. Raw garlic has got so many health properties especially when sliced activating the enzyme to convert the chemical alliin into allicin so you can get all the antioxidant properties :)

Also guys what is special about Korean food (I assume you are talking about South Korean food)? Their speciality is eating dog :(
Hey guys, it's great to hear from you again :) It makes me glad to read that you are both still experiencing further improvements in your skin, congratulations!

[QUOTE=euro18]I used to eat dairy products, bread, pasta, rice, pre-packaged meals, cereals, - all that is GONE.[/QUOTE]

Nice one Euro that's cool to see the low glycemic approach is working! It seems you have already made alot of important sacrifices and I am sure your skin will reward you. When both your family and friends start complementing you it sure does boost your confidence and determination to maintain your current regime and effort. I'm sure you will be able to entirely give up processed foods and the oats even though they probably aren't doing too much harm if your tolerance levels have risen.

For me, I found it difficult to follow a really healthy diet initially but now I have read so much about the importance of diet that I would not give it up even if I became 100% acne-free. Selecting/Eating foods for their health benefits should come slightly above eating foods for just their taste. And I do think it is true that you can train your taste buds to like foods that you never used to really appreciate. E.g. As a teenager, I never could eat raw garlic, grapefruits, mushrooms or avocados but now I can't live without them.

[QUOTE=indy_gal]That was nice to find out, that my tolerance is somewhat better.[/QUOTE]

Indy I am really happy that you have also built up your tolerance levels, something that I am finding quite hard to do but maybe it's because of my food allergies. That's a good point about the endocrinologist, I am thinking about it as I am sure any results will produce some revealing things.

[QUOTE=indy_gal]I am staying paleolithic for the most part because I like eating this way, but, with the occassional indulgence of an icecream or some cheesecake.[/QUOTE]

Lol, you never could resist the temptation for an occassional 'treat' during the cleanses ;) Nothing wrong with that especially if you have decided that you are going to continue with the Paleolithic approach. I agree, I will continue to follow my diet as I too like eating this way.

[QUOTE=indy_gal]I can handle the occassional pimple.[/QUOTE]

So can I...even 4, 5 or 6 pimples but that would just be dreaming. At least pimples usually vanish after 1 or 2 days. The red marks, blemishs and discolourations are the real pain in the buttts.

[QUOTE=indy_gal]I am taking liver cleansing herbs.[/QUOTE]

Yeh you mentioned this in your last post and I replied by asking what exactly are these herbs as I am really interested in taking them. Maybe this is why your tolerance levels have improved. Good luck with the glycolic acid product (how much % does it contain), just apply it lightly as sometimes those products can burn sensitive skin.

Hope everything continues to go well for both you guys...till next time take care :D

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