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[QUOTE=Neca]Hey guys sorry it's been some time since I updated. Along with the bowel cleanse, I have also started using the bentonite clay as a facial mask. I have read many places that bentonite clay is excellent for absorbing all the toxins out from the face. Well I have been doing this facial mask for the past 5 days, once and sometimes twice a day. I just smear it on and leave it to dry on my face. It takes about 1 hour to dry and you can really feel your skin tightening up. It isn't strange to get quite a lot of facial redness after washing the mask off because apparently the clay stimulates the blood to move to the surface of the skin so as to help facilitate quick removal of toxins.

So far my face has worsened since using the mask and doing the bowel cleanse. My face is very patchy with a very uneven skin tone however I have not experienced any whiteheads at all. I think my skin has worsened because there must be so many toxins stuck right underneath all the layers of skin and so are only just now being pushed out by the clay. At least this is what I am hoping :confused: ! I'm wondering whether anyone else has tried using the clay for a mask: what were the results and do you use just clay?

I got my paraGONE kit today so will be thinking about starting it soon but not sure when. The bowel cleanse has been going ok I guess, I did pass out something extermely 'block-looking', grey-green and quite solid :confused: ? Weird huh? It may have been mucoid plaque.

MsMeaganMay/Indy_Gal how are your cleanses going, are you seeing any good results? How is your facial complexion at the moment? Have you experienced any further side-effects? I am kinda finding it quite difficult maintaining two shakes per day as you have to drink so much water and I keep having to go to the toilet. Last night I passed so much water, every two hours I had to wake up and go to the toilet. It's so hard sleeping. How are you finding this aspect of the cleanse?

Prometheus I was also wondering whether you could do me the biggest favour and write an outline of your general daily routine i.e. breakfast/lunch/dinner. Detailing what you usually eat and snack on, aswell as any supplements you may take. Also could you describe your morning/evening wash routine i.e. what soap/cleanser/face wash etc. do you use? I 'think' I am following a very similar diet/routine as you and do not seem to be reaping the same clear skin as you so I must be doing something wrong somewhere. This would be a great help if you could do this and I am sure many other people would like to know aswell. Thanks again.[/QUOTE]

Hey there Neca, how are you? My cleansings are going well...most of my joy from them has come from the wonderful heal up of scars all over my body and in my face...things are starting to even out..which is really nice...especially because I've had some of these scars for years. I really think I had things causing me nutritional deficiencies. I don't do 3 shakes a day most of the time...truthfully because I'm not able to due to my schedule. So, it has been 1 or 2 a day. I have never tried applying the bentonite clay to my face...but that could very well be causing you to break out. I know that everytime you are given facial masks from various skin dermatoligists and doctors, or any other place...they advise you that your face will most likely break out for atleast a week before getting better (because of it drawing toxins to the surface). Another thing is that I've known a few people who do facial masks, but only do them once or twice a week...generally not everyday. Maybe you should cut down on them a bit? Many people on another board began using honey on their face..which also draws toxins to the surface. It did seem to help quite a bit in the long run, but for the first week or two brought lots of spots to the surface. On another note, it could be drying out your face severely, thus causing a breakout. I guess I don't have any definite answers for you on that one :confused: . The only way you should experience a breakout during cleansing really is if you don't get the toxins out fast enough...but, the P&B shakes, along with lots of water should help to move the toxins out fast (along with a diet high in fiber). I have passed some interesting things....some days things look normal, while other days I do see things that look a bit unusual. Better out, than in :) I don't consume very much animal protein normally...but I do generally consume it about once a week...and have still occasionally during the cleanses with no problem. With the bowel cleanse you are advised to avoid meat and dairy..alot of people don't..but following what you advised to do is ALWAYS best. I personally have been snacking on lots of nuts and seeds (as always)....but mostly raw almonds, raw almond butter, raw sunflower seeds, and raw pumpkin seeds (as these are advised for the parasite kill), along with lots of apples (mostly these are also advised by the parasite kill), although I do eat other fruits (which they suggest you eat during the bowel cleansing), I also eat vegetables steamed (be sure to eat your leafy greens :D ...spinach...collard greens..turnip greens..mustard greens..and so on) which you can add lemon to and it adds a pretty nice flavor, ..along with fresh salads (you can take spinach, add finely chopped zucchini over it, with avocado as your salad dressing..and a lime squeezed over it if you like...its a simple salad i make sometimes that i enjoy :) ). Anyhow, those are just a few suggestions. I've got the recipe for a liver cleansing salad to eat for 7 days that is supposed to be pretty good...I'll have to search for it and post it. If you have a juicer...this is a good time to make use of it. Another good thing to add along with cleansing is cleansing of the lymph system (which helps remove toxins) by skin brushing and rebounding excercises. Skin brushes are very cheap..and you can usually do the rebounding excercises on a small trampoline. for the stomach cramping...Prometheus is right that it could be caused by meat. I have consumed some animal protein over the course of the cleanse and did not experience any discomfort over it. But I did add in a bit too much bentonite one night and got quite a stomach cramp...although I did pass something that looked a bit unusual that may have been it as well. Bowel cleansing tries to cleanse and push out the mucuous...dairy and meats are mucuous forming foods..soooo...that's why they are recommended to avoid during the cleanses. Also, it could be the bentonite or psyllium..too much of either can cause stomach cramps. So can not drinking enough water.
[QUOTE=Neca]Ooops sorry I forgot to add, I have also been meaning to find an effective way to cleanse the lymph system as it is one of the key mediums where toxins reside. Meagan can you briefly explain what this skin brushing method actually is? And I have been meaning to buy a trampoline to aid my cardiovascular circulation but I never new it was good for the lymph system...that's greeeat :bouncing: << how appropriate !!! Are there any of good rebounding exercises worth checking out?[/QUOTE]

Well, I just bought my skin brush the other day at my health food store. They are very inexpensive...I bought Earth Therapeautics Organic body brush for $4.50, but I know you can also find them at places like Walmart and Target in the bath section by the loofah sponges for around 3$. Most people suggest skin brushing before a bath or shower (some do the skin brushing followed by a detox bath)....but I have been brushing on a daily basis since I've gotten mine. There are all kinds of techniques...I wish I could give you the site names because there is just so much information on different brushing techniques to stimulate certain glands...or improve circulation..and all kinds of various things. You don't brush on your face, but you do brush on the rest of your body...mostly making long strokes towards the heart. It feels quite comforting to me :) . But trust me if you do a little searching on the'll pull up quite a few detailed pages. Some people buy a rebounder for the rebounding excercises, others use a mini trampoline..while some state that they can still do them on a regular trampoline or without one at all. Have you ever done jumping jacks or bounced up and down...? They seem a bit similar to that. I haven't done quite as much research into it all as I'd like...but I'm getting to it when I have the time :) . I don't take any herbs or teas....I tried quite a few last year and in previous times that did no good for me...or only seemed to give me minimal improvements. What I can say is that as I've cleansed, refined my diet, and continued to better my body....the results get better (throughout my entire body). I think for some people it takes longer than others. For me I felt like things went slower....but mostly because I gradually changed to a more refined diet, and began cleansing gradually as well. For some it takes a month, for others it takes a year. Although I know many people want to follow a diet for a small time, or cleanse and hope they can go on eating junk they used to...or not keeping up with their body...I don't believe most people with acne are like this. "Because people with chronic skin problems appear to have a predisposed immuno-gastrointestinal weakness that presents as skin problems, I strongly recommend that they adhere to a diet of foods in the "Super" and "Healthy" categories for the rest of their lives." (pg 247, "PATIENT Heal Thyself", Jordan S. Rubin, M.M.D., PH.D.). Now...I don't go by everything in this book...and I don't care for most of the book..but I do agree with some of the book :D lol, and I do think it presents a few interesting and suggestive points. I remember your questions in the beginning about for could try raw fermented vegetables. A company called Rejuvenative Foods offers raw fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut and kimchi if that interests you.

Well, I've gotta run for now...hope that made a little bit of sense. If not, I'll try to organize it better later (unless someone else finds places to correct me first :) )...along with posting some more info about skin brushing and all of that good stuff. Take care :) .

BTW Neca...have you ever had your hormones checked? You should consider getting a blood test and checking out all of your levels. Diet should heal your hormones if thats the should also improve all of your other levels if they are off any. Keep cleansing..don't give will be worth it.

Oh....and just a note for everyone your sea veggies ...they good for you :) . Just had to say that because Prometheus introduced me to Kombu which I happen to like the taste of sometimes as a salty snack. One of the awesome benefits about kombu and other sea veggies is that they help to eliminate heavy metals from the body. :cool:
[QUOTE=MsMeaganMay]there is just so much information on different brushing techniques to stimulate certain glands...or improve circulation..and all kinds of various things.[/QUOTE]

Wow I did a search for 'skin brushing' and your right, there is a plethora of information available and all of it suggests that this technique is extremely beneficial for the overall body. I just don't get it though, we never hear about these things ever. No doctors, physicians, medics etc. even suggest it. If it wasn't for the internet I would definitely not know about all these beneficial remedies. The fact that everything we have spoken about seems to be provided by nature obviously means that profits in this area are limited thus it is not marketed as a necessity for people to follow. Instead we are pumped with false information trying to persuade us to buy man-made products which are 'much better' ridiculous I say!

I think I will definitely look into getting a skin brush. It was a relief to read that athletes use them to improve blood, lymph, gland, oxygen circulation as I thought these methods would only relate to women concerned with their 'beauty'.

How long have you been using yours MsMeaganMay? Have you noticed any improvements in your overall body functioning? When I get mine I think I will use it in the shower and cover the main areas of my body. This will be really interesting to see how my body reacts. I'm definitely gonna get a mini-trampoline and can't believe I never purchased one in the past. I think I read somewhere that jumping exercises are 68% more beneficial than jogging done over the same period of time. That is a massive difference!

When I asked about Chinese herbs I meant Coptis and Chinese Bitters. I haven't done much research on this subject so am not sure whether they are infact Chinese herbs but I do think Prometheus suggested them. They seem to benefit the Liver greatly and am sure that my Liver is full of rubbish from all the prescription medications I have taken over time. I think they need to be taken inconjunction or after doing a proper Liver flush. Your right, I will definitely get my hormones checked out and should have done a long time ago. Have you ever got them checked and did they come back 'normal' or 'unbalanced'?

You know what is frustrating is the fact that all these great food suggestions that are written here are so hard to track down. I have tried Kombu once in the past and it tasted great and it has so many health benefits! It's full of minerals essential for our body. But stuff like this and the other highly interesting foods you have mentioned: raw fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut and kimchi, are just impossible to find. If you go into your average supermarket I would say about 85% of the foodstuffs is unhealthy. And even though some items are labelled 'organic' does not necessarily mean they are 100% organic as I bet there is quite a high level of cross-contamination that is never recorded. I am going to set up a chain of supermarkets that sell healthy-only foods and reveal all the hidden dangers behind standard supermarket produce. It will Organic K-Mart :D ! I'm sure it will take only a few years till people realise how poisoned their bodies are from all the rubbish they ingest.

It really upsets me that we have to make so much effort just to stay healthy, just to live and survive! That's crazy! And yet all the things that are bad for us are readily available: cigarettes, fast food, cars, drugs etc. This is why K-Mart and other supermarkets are so successful and in high demand; they reduce the effort, they make everything easy...but noone wants to realise that with this decrease in effort comes an even bigger decrease in health!!!

BTW - you guys are doing ParaGONE in half-dosage right? Does that mean your:

- taking 1 tablet of ParaGONE I
- 10 drops of ParaGONE II in 8 oz. of water
- and doing this 3 times a day? Or as it's half-dosage are we supposed to only do it once or twice a day? Sorry I'm a bit confused over the instructions..

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