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[QUOTE=MsMeaganMay]Most of mine were minor...just things like keratosis pilaris (bumps on arms), slight dandruff, slow healing time of scars/open cuts etc., red itchy eyes, slight stomach problems, facial skin problems, circles under my eyes [/QUOTE]

MsMeagan, you listed your health problems in your last post; how many can you now say have been resolved through this process of correct diet and cleansing and how many are still present? This would be very interesting to know because I too have similar ones to yours so knowing the effectiveness of all the cleansing would be great. I think you make a real good point when you suggest listing all our health problems then seeing if we can find any connections regarding deficiencies etc.

The body is extremely intelligent and automatically produces warning signs that tell us there is something wrong that needs dealing with. You use the example of nails being indicators to certian nutritional deficincies. This is so very true, I had dark vertical lines about 2mm wide on quite a few of my nails for some time. I looked on the net to find out what this meant and found out that I had a Zinc deficiency. So I reviewed all the foods that were high in Zinc and whadyaknow...I hardly hardly ate any of them. So now when I go shopping I make sure to get loads of mushrooms, asparagus, pumpkin seeds (which are great for Paragone...even though you don't like them too much :p), FRESH parsley and green peas!

Nails are in fact amazing, lol. They also tells us whether we have Calcium deficiencies by producing those white dots things. I also remember one time, I banged my thumbnail real hard on something by accident and the nail cracked a little becoming really rough. I thought, well it's only a nail, it should heal itself in no time. HA! It was like that for over a year until I started taking Flaxseed oil. Suddenly, within the space of a few weeks, my nail began to grow back to it's full strength! Ever since, my healing of cuts/wounds etc. have really improved.

Now, if only people would treat acne on skin the same way that they treat those white spots on nails, plaque on teeth, body odour on skin etc. more people would experience better results. When you get B.O., do you just go to the nearest pharmacy to buy some antipersperant and cover yourself with the entire can? Disguise your smell with perfume? No, of course that isn't the right approach, you should shower! So why do we react to acne in a different way? It is obviously suggesting that the body is imbalanced somewhere.

[QUOTE=MsMeaganMay]BTW Neca...If you ever open an Organic Kmart...I'll be your first customer :D . The health food store by me is pretty nice...but it doesnt meet ALL of my needs (I have lots of needs :D lol).[/QUOTE]

Woohooo, thanks for the support I'll let you know when we open :D. MsMeaganMay, I could't stop cracking up when you said 'but it doesn't meet ALL my needs...I have lots of needs'. That was hilarious! But I agree, whenever I go shopping don't you find that whatever you buy there is always something wrong say with the ingredients, poor labelling or price etc. Plus I always find that I have to visit about 1000 different stores just to get all my items. There isn't one store where I can get all my stuff which is so frustrating and the fact that I don't drive is a real pain in the a$$. That's why I think the net is so useful. As you say, it is cheaper and you can buy everything while sitting comfortably in one place (lazy lazy, yes!). You know I was thinking more about this 'Organic Kmart' idea and asked myself: what was one of the biggest drawbacks to buying goods from highstreet supermarkets? Well, IMO it's probably because you don't know where the goods come from and how they are made. Sooo wouldn't it be great if you could have a supermarket right next to a farm where you let all the customers see how the food is grown and how organic it actually is? You could also have a instore deli that makes everything entirely infront of you. Say if you wanted Humous then someone could get the tahini, chick peas, lemon juice and garlic and mix it all together right in front of you. As virtually everything is produced on site, you would have virtually no transport costs and the foods would be much much cheaper as you wouldn't use all those terrible chemicals, pesticides etc. Also, it would be great to have almost all the goods sold with as limited amount of packaging as possible. Don't you find that so many goods you buy always seem to come overpackaged when a simple sack would do. Hmm this is getting more interesting the more I think about it...or should I say, the more I DREAM about it (lol).

[QUOTE=MsMeaganMay]I use Jason's Super-C Cleanser (they are a natural/organic company). I've used it for I don't think it ever had any big impact on changing my skin...although it did reduce the redness caused by harsh acne scrubs and soaps.[/QUOTE]

Excellent, I will have a look at this brand as I am finding it really hard to get an all natural cleanser. Almost all the cleanser/soaps contain sooo many ridiculous chemicals. I think I will have to check out what's available online. What's the ingredients in the cleanser and does it foam up because I read somewhere that anything that foams up is an 'artificial product' made using special chemicals. Apparently 'safe' shampoos shouldn't foam?!

Well now onto the good news, my forehead is clear, my left cheek is clear, my chin is clear..the only parts that aren't are my nose and my right cheak. But these parts don't have whiteheads/blackheads, they just look bad due to those annoying flat red marks and a bit of sun discolouration. But at this point in time I really don't care, it is a great improvement compared to a few weeks back or a few months back or even a few years back (lol). My skin hasn't appeared this good for some time. This is definitely confidence boosting. Now I'm not sure exactly the cause but it is probably multifactorial. I think the cleansing is definitely sorting out my insides, I have still been doing the clay face mask but only a few times a week and am following my normal morning/evening regime (cetaphil, maybe a bit of exfoliation and then a bit of Neutrogena glycolic acid to clean out my sun discolouration). We will see how long this good state lasts though. I have yet to start ParaGONE but definitely will within the next few days when I get the chance to load up on fruits/vegs/nuts&seeds.

[QUOTE=MsMeaganMay]I also didn't bring the bowel cleansing supplies because I wasnt sure whether I would have time to prepare everything. What shocked me though was what I "got rid" of this weekend was unlike anything I've ever seen in my entire life. It wasn't MP...and I honestly have no idea what it was, I suppose I'll just have to go searching and look it up.[/QUOTE]

LOL! MsMeagan what does MP stand for if I may ask, I think I can imagine what your getting at though. If it's not anything like you've ever seen in your entire life then I suggest you report it as an U.F.O., that stands for Unidentified Floating Object haha!!! Stop looking down please, I so don't wanna do ParaGONE now. But when I do do it there is no chance in hell I'm going to look down. I just gonna 'give and go' if you see what I mean. Why was it so shocking though, please don't tell me it was wormy-looking or anything like that because....well I will be lost for words. I also didn't take my supplies last weekend when I had to travel out of town aswell but it was the first time when I saw the real results of P&B shake cleansing. This is very strange, maybe when you give your body a rest it just chucks everything out all at once?

[QUOTE=indy_gal]It suprised me how eating the way I used to would affect me after being on a clean diet for 2 weeks. I got headaches, stomache aches, felt hungry all the time, etc... (And I have new breakouts starting).[/QUOTE]

Remember Indy_gal, that these cleanses are totally washing out your entire system of both GOOD and BAD bacteria. It is totally cleaning you out so anything you put back in should be as pure as possible for the time being. Your body really won't be able to cope with that junk food stuff straight after cleansing. It WILL definitely make you feel really ill. I was 'forced' (lol) to drink some wine last weekend and I could tell my body didn't like it. It just didn't digest easily. I think you definitely chose right not to start ParaGONE immediately after having a weekend on junk food. As MsMeagan says, do the shakes for a few days to get your body back to 'normal' then you should be good to go. I hate junk food so much, I wish it was never invented. Why does it have to be so easily available and so addictive grrr. You know something ironic: the reason why junk food and processed food was invented was to feed the troops in the American military during the Second World War. Now you would think the troops would need as nutritional a diet as possible with all that physical activity but no they are fed junk. From the government's point of view, the reason why they did it was because they knew the majority of them were destined to die regardless of what diet they consumed hence they thought why should they waste money supplying 'real food'....awful, depressing and corrupt don't ya think :(
[QUOTE=indy gal]Ok, ok, I finally started![/QUOTE]

:bouncing: woohoo! Good on you Indy_Gal, congrats on starting. I don't think you will experience any real side-effects, just make sure you are doing the P&B shakes aswell and not overdosing too much on the Bentonite. I also think it would probably be a good idea if you make a routine and try to stick to it as closely as possible. For example, do one P&B shake and one dose of ParaGONE in the morning or before lunch then another ParaGONE dose in the afteroon and finally finishing the day off with another P&B shake and ParaGONE dose. This should let your body get accustomed to all this 'flushing' and could hopefully reduce any potential side-effects. Your body will know when it is expected to be cleaned out. But MsMeaganMay is likely to know much better than me with regards to how a routine should be constructed (that is if we need one?). Good luck anyway Indy_Gal and don't worry..just don't look, I'm starting my ParaGONE 'marathon' tomorrow morning...

[QUOTE=erica1213]I am also wondering how much to contribute your successes to the cleanses and how much to contribute to diet change. Regardless, I'm glad that you seem to be making progress :)[/QUOTE]

Erica, well I can tell you that I have followed a Mediterranean diet for the last 10 years of my life (I'm 23). But it has only been recently (last few years) that I have modified this diet. I originally followed a diet of: bread, pasta, pizza, rice, meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. I didn't eat any junk food but obviously all that carbohydrate wasn't very good for my skin and I never realised that. So a few years ago I decided to stop consuming all those carbs and my skin has improved ever since but it still is a long way from being clear. The reason for this is probably because no matter what I feed myself, good food or bad food, my digestive system is so blocked up with all this plaque that it can't effectively remove the foods. Moreover, I bet there are loads of parasites eating off all my good nutrients that I gain from eating vegetables, fruits and nuts. So gotta get rid of them too. Doing these cleanses should prove whether I am right or wrong and I will let you know the final outcome. But even if my skin doesn't improve much at least I know my system is internally clean. Oh and to make this 'test' fair, I am not using any antibiotics, lotions, OTCs :nono: just cetaphil and occasionally neutrogena pore refiner and a face scrub by some random French company that I can't remember the name sorry, lol.

[QUOTE=MsMeaganMay]My asthma is gone, my allergies have cleared up, my eyes aren't red and's really great. The keratosis pilaris on my arms is gone[/QUOTE]

MsMeagan if I could achieve just a fraction of what you have achieved I would be so happy. It seems like you have really benefited from dietary changes and cleansing and hopefully the improvements continue :angel: . I'm sure they will! I will definitely check out Jason's line, seems just the thing I am looking for. I knew it didn't foam up :D , that's a great sign...means it should truly be organic. It's quite worrying reading all those chemical synthetic ingredients on the back of products. It's so not needed, nature can perform virtually all the same purposes more effectively and safely. I hate it when I brush my teeth and see the ingredients on the back of my 'Aquafresh' toothpaste container. It's full of junk and it has FLUORIDE... :nono: nooooo. I tried looking into getting natural toothpaste but wasn't too successful. I think I found a brand called Burt's Bees or something like that? Is that natural? Which natural brand are you using? I am slowly revolutionising my general lifestyle products and going ALL NATURAL! But it's hard and will take time.

Oh please if you know any info on digestion rules that would be so great because I am sure my stomach feels full even hours after eating meals. Are you talking about which combination of foods should be eaten together so that the digestive system doesn't stall i.e. you shouldn't eat carbohydrates before proteins and you shouldn't eat fruits straight away after main courses?

WTR to Jojoba oil I have read so much about this product and always said to myself I should get it but have never found it in any shops. I don't think it's available in the U.K. :( so I guess it's gonna be another internet thing. I've just become reluctant to using any moisturiser on my skin because since stopping Benzoyl Peroxide my natural oils have seriously returned and my skin is always moisturised. In fact, it may be a little too oily. I must say, though, that Benzoyl Peroxide is toxic crazy stuff if used over quite a long period of time. My skin went really dark and thought I had developed some sort of pigmentation on my face. It was scary and depressing. But since stopping all those 'bad' creams my skin has returned to normal and there is no darkness which is great. It's funny how sometimes you think 'Ok God, I think I preferred those red marks than this pigmentation...please can I have them back'?' Unfortunately we naturally take things for granted and think what we have is the worst possible situation when in fact things could be much much worse. Then again, it could be said that we should have appreciated our acne-free skin when we had it (but I don't agree with this).

[QUOTE=MsMeaganMay]Maybe when Prometheus goes into the airforce she can provide them with more knowledge about nutrition ;)[/QUOTE]

LOOOOL! That cracked me up MsMeagan...I'm sure she could even try and persuade them to do a few parasite kills while she's at it ;)

P.S. you know the ParaGONE II tincture, well I was just wondering whether it definitely won't damage the teeth when you take it as it contains quite high concentration of alcohol and I am worried that it could dissolve them :confused: (I know it may sound strange)? Plus do you drink down the capsule of ParaGONE I with the solution of ParaGONE II then another glass of water? thanks
As for the paragone and the P&B' does get a bit confusing (but nothing too complicated ;) ), when doing them at the same time. Take your paragone 1 hour after the P&B shake. Personally, my method was wake up, P&B shake, wait 1 hr, paragone dose, wait 30 minutes or more, eat breakfast. You just don't want to mix any of them (food, paragone, P&B), because obviously you want each to have effectiveness and such. As for the paragone..well it caused me more detox effects than the P&B shakes. Right when I went back on it I felt a little ill again, but nothing that couldn't be quickly recovered from. As for diets and what we have ate in the past....I don't think too many people have eaten perfectly. I know there were many times I thought I ate great...but that was also when I thought bread should have been the staple of our diet (according to the food pyramid :rolleyes: ). Even when I began eating better, I know that my body had suffered from all of the foods in my past, bad food combinations, times when I had constipation (not something great to talk about...but when you consume alot of bread...this tends to be the end result!), these are some of the reasons I wanted to pursue the cleanses. As for using things on my skin during any of this....I don't. I haven't used BP in months and months...all it ever did was leave me with hyperpigmentation as well (you should see my pictures when I used was terrible!!). I used cetaphil as a cleanser in the past, and never really noticed it irritating my face any..but my face felt alot better once switching to Jason's..which I use now. As for any other topicals, cleansers, or scrubs...nope...don't use any, except occasional jojoba oil here and there, but generally only in the winter.

Neca, I really think you'll benefit from these changes/cleanses. The hardest part for me used to be believing how much some of these worked because it took me so much longer than everyone else to achieve results. Sometimes when results come slower you don't notice them as much...or most lose patience and give up. When I started feeling better, and my skin started clearing up...I knew something had to be working I modified my diet more and figured out that I was/am alot more sensitive than other people in regards to what I eat and how it effects my skin....things began looking much better. There were a few things I realized while modifying was that I cannot eat meat everyday, so I've only been consuming animal protein usually 1-2 times a week and its salmon, sardines, or some kind of fatty fish. I do believe my toleration for meat has increased though because of bowel cleansing and everything. But, there are lots of reports about how eating less animal protein is good for health and lifespan, and meat is mucuous forming, so...eating less is always a good thing..and will be something I continue to do. Another thing that I began doing was following a few more rules of digestion and things like that. Usually what I tend to do (to make things easier), is stick with fruits in the morning, then vegetables, meats, nuts/seeds in the afternoon. The digestion rules are basically just saying to eat fruit alone (45 minutes or so before anything else), eat meat alone (if you can/choose to) or with non starchy vegetables (starchy vegetable ex: potatoes), nuts and seeds can be eaten together, don't drink your water with meals, if your hungry for more the same kind of food (ex: i just ate an apple, I'm still hungry, so instead of eating a banana/orange/strawberries, I eat another apple), nuts/seeds should go after fruits, not before, chew your food very well (to the consistency of apple sauce), and things like that. This is why the fruits in the morning/vegetables etc. in the evening work out well. Fruits shouldn't be mixed with vegetables or other things unless they are high water/low sugar fruits such as avocado or tomato. Well, did any of that make sense? lol There are lots of digestion charts and things like that online if not ;) . I believe my digestion was alot poorer due to years of bad food combinations (ex: meat and potatoes, mac and cheese, cereal and milk/OJ to drink, these just don't mix well :nono: ), and bad dietary choices. I think the bowel cleanse has probably helped alot of that.

In regards to the toothpaste, I use Burt's Bees. I'm sure there are plenty of other great ones out there, this is just one that I happened to find on sale one day and I really enjoy it alot. Mine is the Lavender Mint toothpaste, and it leaves my mouth feeling fresh :D . Some people break out around their mouths due to the toothpaste they are using, so if that applies to anyone..the toothpaste should help. You know, its really odd how toothpaste and other simple things can make a connection to other places on your body. I once read a few reports about people who had problems with fingernail polish affecting the dryness of their skin. Some actually would end up with small rashes/dry areas on their face, all because of the fingernail polish, and the really had no idea it was because of that. Unfortunatly there are no "health/natural" brands of fingernail polish's a very hard product to make naturally because it requires so many bad things lol...or so I've read. I do still wear makeup, and no it's not all natural. I know, shame on me :nono: . I am in various performances of dance and things, so it's not really possible to just give up makeup, because it is a requirement for these things. I wear a more top of the line (department store) foundation/powder/blush, which although I know it's not great for me/my skin, I haven't had any problems I've noticed with it affecting it any since dietary etc. changes. I do on the other hand use burts bees lip shimmer (this is great stuff, I really like the way it looks....especially because most lipsticks contain aluminum, and this one doesnt of course), I also use their eyeliner, mascara, and when I can find it...eye shadow as well. I have yet to fully switch over to a natural shampoo...I seem to go back and forth, only because I haven't really found one I am 100% satisfied with (this is probably my fault that I haven't found one sooner, considering I go more by trial and error because I buy the stuff on sale lol). I'm not sure if jojoba oil is in the UK or not, but I know online and in the U.S. it is fairly cheap, and it lasts FOREVER lol. A few drops go a LONG way. I use this stuff for everything though. I use it to moisturize my lips occasionally, also when my legs, elbows etc. look a bit dry...on goes the jojoba. You can also massage this into your scalp (just a few drops) on a daily basis, or use it as a hot oil treatment for your hair. As for jojoba oil, it's supposed to actually make your skin less contradicts itself lol. But, my oil production is normal because of diet and everything else so I just don't use alot of it on my face. Your right though Neca, BP sure does some evil things to our faces (and there is no telling how it may affect the inside of us once absorbed into the skin...I think I remember one person posting on here telling everyone about how it is used in high school chem labs as an explosive....yikes!). You would be amazed at how so many things effect us. Not too long ago I was reading about swimming pools and the chlorinated water and how they just throw everything off in our bodies. Whew...should I even attempt to go back and recollect how many pools I swam in as a child? Oh dear... :eek: .

Take care :wave: .

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