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Yes Meagan brings up an important point. I understand you have tried changing your diet, Ratman. The thing is, you have to change your diet to do a cleanse. You can't just go out and buy psyllium husk and bentonite, take them, and cleanse anything without changing your diet. For instance, the purpose of a bowel cleanse is to clean the bowel, to move particles through, to absorb toxins, and help the bowel heal. All of this aids in nutritional uptake when food is reintroduced. In order to do a bowel cleanse, you can't eat meat. You can't eat peanut butter. You can't take tylenols or medications and you can't eat a lot of cooked vegetables. What most people do for a bowel cleanse is fast on juice for the first part, and then introduce fruits and then lightly cooked or raw vegetables. They take psyllium husk to move out the old food particles and bentonite clay to absorb toxins deposited in the bowel from the fast or that are inside the bowel. This effectively cleans the bowel. If you take psyllium husk and still eat a regular diet (three cooked meals a day), all you are doing is adding fiber to your diet, which will improve regularity, but it is not a cleanse. Further all the bentonite clay does at that point is absorb nutrients from the food you eat.

So you have to change your diet. Cleanses will speed up visual improvements from any diet you are following...but all you need to do to get rid of acne is get rid of what causes acne in your diet. All diets are not equal. Considering you have taken antibiotics and accutane your rate of healing is not expected to be quick and a bowel cleanse will really help you out. Since accutane can affect your oil glands for several years or even permanently, it may take several years for you to see a complete improvement with diet. But you should see a lot of improvement from completely eliminating the following:

hydrogenated oils
cane sugar, high fructose corn syrup, arficial sweeteners, refined sugars
cooked/heated/refined oils
fortified/enriched foods
bad vitamins (just get rid of the vitamins if you aren't sure)
denatured grain products
refined grain products
grain products containing gluten
dairy and anything containing dairy
nonorganic meats, luncheon meats, pork and beef
cooked eggs
drugs and medications, including tylenol, advil and especially antibiotics or birth control

This worked for me in two months. It works for most people in two months, but it will work for anyone if given enough time. There is a diet called the Wai diet that acne sufferers find relief with. Anoldone posts on here and he has healed his acne with this diet. Wai maintains that it is the cooked proteins that affect people with acne. I believe that is a big part of it. You still have to get rid of all of these ingredients on the Wai diet.

[quote]I'm still confused as to what I need to do. Whether I have to do a bowel cleanse or liver cleanse. How long the entire process takes for all these cleanses. And what exactly I should be buying. I'll probably create a post a few days from now asking these questions before I get started on any of this. But before I do that I just want to know if these cleanses are really clearing up your acne.[/quote]

Bowel cleanses take up to two weeks, depending on what you want to achieve. No more than two weeks, unless you are in a full blown fast, in which case you want to continue taking some psyllium and bentonite for the duration of the fast to prevent toxic shock. It doesn't totally eliminate the risk for shock and that is why people incorperate enemas into their fast. I suffered from shock when I reintroduced food back from a fast I was on, which is why I do not recommend long fasts to people unless it is for spiritual reasons. Before you do anything you do a bowel cleanse. A liver cleanse is achieved through a change in diet. A liver flush is a different animal, and that is something a lot of people see relief from numerous ailments through. That is done over a period of weeks until a certain amount of liver "stones" are removed. Before doing a liver flush it is usually recommended that you do a parasite kill, to kill any parasites that may be in your liver. They dont' belong in the liver or other organs, btw. The only reason they get in your liver is through the ingestion of solvents. Autopsies of people with organ cancers have organs infested with parasites. I believe these parasites do not just migrate to damaged tissues but actually cause cancer through the release of their growth hormones and this is how cancer "spreads" because parasites spread. Hulda Clark writes about this, but that is getting aside from the issue. The point is all of these require an appropriate change in diet. If you are willing to do so, you will see results.

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