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[QUOTE=indy gal]Ok, ok, I finally started![/QUOTE]

:bouncing: woohoo! Good on you Indy_Gal, congrats on starting. I don't think you will experience any real side-effects, just make sure you are doing the P&B shakes aswell and not overdosing too much on the Bentonite. I also think it would probably be a good idea if you make a routine and try to stick to it as closely as possible. For example, do one P&B shake and one dose of ParaGONE in the morning or before lunch then another ParaGONE dose in the afteroon and finally finishing the day off with another P&B shake and ParaGONE dose. This should let your body get accustomed to all this 'flushing' and could hopefully reduce any potential side-effects. Your body will know when it is expected to be cleaned out. But MsMeaganMay is likely to know much better than me with regards to how a routine should be constructed (that is if we need one?). Good luck anyway Indy_Gal and don't worry..just don't look, I'm starting my ParaGONE 'marathon' tomorrow morning...

[QUOTE=erica1213]I am also wondering how much to contribute your successes to the cleanses and how much to contribute to diet change. Regardless, I'm glad that you seem to be making progress :)[/QUOTE]

Erica, well I can tell you that I have followed a Mediterranean diet for the last 10 years of my life (I'm 23). But it has only been recently (last few years) that I have modified this diet. I originally followed a diet of: bread, pasta, pizza, rice, meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. I didn't eat any junk food but obviously all that carbohydrate wasn't very good for my skin and I never realised that. So a few years ago I decided to stop consuming all those carbs and my skin has improved ever since but it still is a long way from being clear. The reason for this is probably because no matter what I feed myself, good food or bad food, my digestive system is so blocked up with all this plaque that it can't effectively remove the foods. Moreover, I bet there are loads of parasites eating off all my good nutrients that I gain from eating vegetables, fruits and nuts. So gotta get rid of them too. Doing these cleanses should prove whether I am right or wrong and I will let you know the final outcome. But even if my skin doesn't improve much at least I know my system is internally clean. Oh and to make this 'test' fair, I am not using any antibiotics, lotions, OTCs :nono: just cetaphil and occasionally neutrogena pore refiner and a face scrub by some random French company that I can't remember the name sorry, lol.

[QUOTE=MsMeaganMay]My asthma is gone, my allergies have cleared up, my eyes aren't red and's really great. The keratosis pilaris on my arms is gone[/QUOTE]

MsMeagan if I could achieve just a fraction of what you have achieved I would be so happy. It seems like you have really benefited from dietary changes and cleansing and hopefully the improvements continue :angel: . I'm sure they will! I will definitely check out Jason's line, seems just the thing I am looking for. I knew it didn't foam up :D , that's a great sign...means it should truly be organic. It's quite worrying reading all those chemical synthetic ingredients on the back of products. It's so not needed, nature can perform virtually all the same purposes more effectively and safely. I hate it when I brush my teeth and see the ingredients on the back of my 'Aquafresh' toothpaste container. It's full of junk and it has FLUORIDE... :nono: nooooo. I tried looking into getting natural toothpaste but wasn't too successful. I think I found a brand called Burt's Bees or something like that? Is that natural? Which natural brand are you using? I am slowly revolutionising my general lifestyle products and going ALL NATURAL! But it's hard and will take time.

Oh please if you know any info on digestion rules that would be so great because I am sure my stomach feels full even hours after eating meals. Are you talking about which combination of foods should be eaten together so that the digestive system doesn't stall i.e. you shouldn't eat carbohydrates before proteins and you shouldn't eat fruits straight away after main courses?

WTR to Jojoba oil I have read so much about this product and always said to myself I should get it but have never found it in any shops. I don't think it's available in the U.K. :( so I guess it's gonna be another internet thing. I've just become reluctant to using any moisturiser on my skin because since stopping Benzoyl Peroxide my natural oils have seriously returned and my skin is always moisturised. In fact, it may be a little too oily. I must say, though, that Benzoyl Peroxide is toxic crazy stuff if used over quite a long period of time. My skin went really dark and thought I had developed some sort of pigmentation on my face. It was scary and depressing. But since stopping all those 'bad' creams my skin has returned to normal and there is no darkness which is great. It's funny how sometimes you think 'Ok God, I think I preferred those red marks than this pigmentation...please can I have them back'?' Unfortunately we naturally take things for granted and think what we have is the worst possible situation when in fact things could be much much worse. Then again, it could be said that we should have appreciated our acne-free skin when we had it (but I don't agree with this).

[QUOTE=MsMeaganMay]Maybe when Prometheus goes into the airforce she can provide them with more knowledge about nutrition ;)[/QUOTE]

LOOOOL! That cracked me up MsMeagan...I'm sure she could even try and persuade them to do a few parasite kills while she's at it ;)

P.S. you know the ParaGONE II tincture, well I was just wondering whether it definitely won't damage the teeth when you take it as it contains quite high concentration of alcohol and I am worried that it could dissolve them :confused: (I know it may sound strange)? Plus do you drink down the capsule of ParaGONE I with the solution of ParaGONE II then another glass of water? thanks

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