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It's Now or Never!
Mar 26, 2004
Well I have decided that nothing 'out there' will clear my acne; no medication, no chemical, no over the counter topical cream, no light box and no pill. [B]The ONLY thing that CAN cure my acne is ME![/B]

I have realised that all these 'cures' available to us are not cures, they are just counter-measures that react to the effects of acne. What is needed is something that will prevent the acne developing in the first place i.e. the removal of its roots.

If our bodies were capable of creating acne in the first place, then surely logic would suggest that they are also capable of CURING acne! This disease is created naturally/internally unlike diseases such as HIV/AIDS, MALARIA, TB etc.which attack us from the outside.

The point that needs to be made is that our bodies would actually be able to prevent acne from attacking us if they were operating at their optimum abilities. But they don't operate at their optimum abilities. WE NEED TO REALISE THIS. Our organs (more specifically the digestive system's) are blocked up with so many toxins and parasites that they no longer can effectively cleanse/clean themselves and thus resort to excreting a majority of these toxins on our skin.

To cure acne you need to create this optimum environment. When this has been created, your organs will take care of the acne themselves. It's the same with a car. You can constantly refill your car with petrol whenever it runs out of fuel but there will come a point when, regardless of the amount of fuel, it will not run efficiently due to it's internal parts not being serviced! Our internal parts are our organs and they occasionally require 'oiling' so they perform efficiently.

You of course have to start with an optimum diet. This has been outlined so many times on this board that we all know it inside out. I was originally so against many of these diet<->acne correlation theories proposed by Prometheus, SweetJade et. al because I have followed the exact diet outlined for nearly 10 years of my life. But still I have acne! That was my compliant. However, it is only now that I realise how important it is to, in parallel with an optimum diet, have a clean system to start with. We ALL have parasites (doesnít matter who you are) that starve our bodies of the vital nutrients which can make us feel cheated. That is what I felt, I have followed such a good diet for the majority of my life yet my acne has always been here. But the real reason is the need to remove these parasites, I never knew this.

Anyway I have done some research on how to go about cleansing my insides and would love all your input esp. Prometheus and SweetJade as you guys have a huge database of knowledge on this subject.

This is what I am planning on doing:

Bowel Cleanse (at least once a year) with parasite cleanse
Kidney Cleanse (duration is up to the person)
Liver Cleanse (repeat 6-10 times every 2-3 weeks) & Gallbladder Cleanse

This is how>The Regime

[B]FIRST STAGE>Bowel Cleanse:[/B]

-fasting on water, juices, raw fruits and vegetables


-Psyllium husks AND Bentonite (green clay) added to warm water, fresh lemon and stevia. These shakes to be taken 2-3 times a day

-salt water enema {if that's your thing}

[B]SECOND STAGE>Parasite kill:[/B]

-10-20 drops of Clarkia 3 - 5 times a day, diluted with juice or water. Drunk before or after a meal, or on an empty stomach.

Clarkia which contains Black Walnut Hull, Wormwood and Cloves (fresh-ground from whole kitchen cloves).

Repeat Parasite kill 4 times each treatment lasting 2 weeks, with one week break.

[B]THIRD STAGE>Kidney Cleanse[/B]

-Freshly squeezed lemon juice added to a glass of water drunk several times throughout the day OR juice fasting.

-Maybe also Corn-silk tea, Parsley leaves/seeds or Root Tea

-Usually 2-6weeks long

[B]FOURTH STAGE>Liver Cleanse[/B] (Dr. Hulda's version)

-Stop all Parasite & Kidney Cleanses (these should have lasted at least 3weeks)

-Eat non-fat breakfast and lunch e.g. fruit, fruit juice, bread and honey (no butter or milk), baked potato or other vegetables with salt only. This allows the bile to build up and develop pressure in the liver. Higher pressure pushes out more stones.

-2pm> do not eat after this time as you could feel quite ill later if you do.

-Use following ingredients:
1/2 Cup of Olive Oil Extra Virgin (= 125ml),
3 lemons,
4 tablespoon EPSOM salts,
3 cups of water (=750ml)

(N.B. do not blend lemon juice with oil, drink some lemon juice from one cup and some oil from another cup).


-Chinese bitter aids as previously proposed by Prometheus: Coptis, Gentian(Lung-tan Tsao), Self-Heal, and Scutellaria.

Please please feel free to suggest any modifications/ideas to this regime or indicate any mistakes. This is the backbone to what I am planning on doing so obviously it is likely to undergo several changes. I am not totally sure about the Liver/Gallbladder cleanse as Hulda's version is quite confusing so suggestions on this would be great.

Finally, I am worried about the effects of these cleanses if any. I do have several food allergies so is there a chance that my body could become too clean after these cleanses then suddenly react to many more foods thus increasing my allergy numbers? Is there any stage which you think may not really benefit me and could actually leave out? Is any stage 'dangerous' such as the parasite kill?

I'm really determined to overhaul my acne as IíVE REALLY HAD ENOUGH. It's time to change. Hope the info here is useful guys, thanks...

WOW thank you so much again MsMeaganMay, you outlined everything so well and have really reassured me with regards to the Parasite cleanse. I feel much more confident about doing them now. I think what I am going to do is follow your regime closely as you obviously seem like you know what you are doing. I'm probably going to start off with the P&B shakes for at least a week, just doing them to see how my body reacts. I'll do one P&B shake per day and gradually build up. After a week or so I will introduce the Parasite cleanse using the lowest dosage/ kids' version if there is one.

What I would like to know is how can these cleanses be incorporated into daily activities. For example, if I wake up in the morning and do a P&B shake on an empty stomach, how long will it take till I have to go to the toilet AND how many times will I need to go to the toilet. After having been to the toilet, will my body be back to 'normal'?

When I introduce the Parasite cleanse into my routine, when do I take it with regards to the Bowel cleanse/P&B Shakes? Should I have a P&B shake in the morning, wait, go to the toilet, have breakfast, wait an hour then do the Parasite cleanse? Or should I do the Parasite cleanse in the evening? What I am worried about is the fact that all these cleanses may harm my digestive/filtration system in the body. Are we definitely sure the body can handle all this flushing out of waste as it is not used to levels such as this.

I read somewhere that Bentonite clay is can also be used as a cleanser on the face. Apparently the clay rehydrates the face and removes the toxins from it, have you tried this as it sounds interesting? Clay is definitely good for the skin. I'm still divided whether to buy the Bentonite liquid version or the powdered version. At least with the powdered version it will last a really long time and you can make loads from it. The only problem is it takes a few nights for the powder to be rehydrated and prepared. How are you finding the liquid version, is it easy to drink?

With regards to the liver cleanse, the recipe you are using is a 1/4 cup of oil and 1/2 cup of grapefruit you mean Olive Oil when you say oil? This recipe sounds much better than Dr.Hulda's one. I definitely am a bit worried about any gallstones getting jammed in my gall bladder if I did ever do full flushing. And you say to do these before bedtime, so does that mean it takes a whole night for this body to clean itself out? I assumed that as soon as you start drinking the liquids for all these cleanses, your body immediately wants to go to the toilet...well that is a relief if this isn't true :)

So far, what do you think of your experience with these cleanses and is your skin looking better, fresher and more alive? I really hope so. To put our bodies through all this, we deserve at least a good reward such as clear skin :D . While doing all these cleanses, I know you need to follow a very clean and healthy diet but I just read that all canned food should not be eaten especially fresh fish because it contains a high number of parasites. Ahh I always eat canned Mackerel fillets fished from Portugal because of the Omega 3 value and now they say we can't grrr..I guess it's just fruit n' veg then.


Thanks for the encouragement but it was you that first opened my eyes to all these cleanses which I am most grateful for. You say the liver flush is ancient, are you referring to the one followed my MsMeaganMay or the Dr. Hulda's one? I am very weary of Dr. Hulda's one because she says somewhere we should add HCL to the recipe aswell which I think is insane! Moreover, it seems like it is a very heavy cleanse, those epsom salts seem pretty powerful and the chances of getting gallstones stuck must be pretty high. I really don't want to risk it. I much prefer MsMeaganMay's version.

Can I ask how come you advise to stay away from Probiotics because I have read everywhere that soon after doing the Bowel cleanse, you should refill your body with the 'good bacteria'. Is this wrong?

Finally can I ask, like MsMeaganMay, whether you have a previous posts that contain useful info on this subject matter because I am sure you have written extensively on cleansing. Thanks again...
[QUOTE=indy gal]Ok, ok, I finally started![/QUOTE]

:bouncing: woohoo! Good on you Indy_Gal, congrats on starting. I don't think you will experience any real side-effects, just make sure you are doing the P&B shakes aswell and not overdosing too much on the Bentonite. I also think it would probably be a good idea if you make a routine and try to stick to it as closely as possible. For example, do one P&B shake and one dose of ParaGONE in the morning or before lunch then another ParaGONE dose in the afteroon and finally finishing the day off with another P&B shake and ParaGONE dose. This should let your body get accustomed to all this 'flushing' and could hopefully reduce any potential side-effects. Your body will know when it is expected to be cleaned out. But MsMeaganMay is likely to know much better than me with regards to how a routine should be constructed (that is if we need one?). Good luck anyway Indy_Gal and don't worry..just don't look, I'm starting my ParaGONE 'marathon' tomorrow morning...

[QUOTE=erica1213]I am also wondering how much to contribute your successes to the cleanses and how much to contribute to diet change. Regardless, I'm glad that you seem to be making progress :)[/QUOTE]

Erica, well I can tell you that I have followed a Mediterranean diet for the last 10 years of my life (I'm 23). But it has only been recently (last few years) that I have modified this diet. I originally followed a diet of: bread, pasta, pizza, rice, meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. I didn't eat any junk food but obviously all that carbohydrate wasn't very good for my skin and I never realised that. So a few years ago I decided to stop consuming all those carbs and my skin has improved ever since but it still is a long way from being clear. The reason for this is probably because no matter what I feed myself, good food or bad food, my digestive system is so blocked up with all this plaque that it can't effectively remove the foods. Moreover, I bet there are loads of parasites eating off all my good nutrients that I gain from eating vegetables, fruits and nuts. So gotta get rid of them too. Doing these cleanses should prove whether I am right or wrong and I will let you know the final outcome. But even if my skin doesn't improve much at least I know my system is internally clean. Oh and to make this 'test' fair, I am not using any antibiotics, lotions, OTCs :nono: just cetaphil and occasionally neutrogena pore refiner and a face scrub by some random French company that I can't remember the name sorry, lol.

[QUOTE=MsMeaganMay]My asthma is gone, my allergies have cleared up, my eyes aren't red and's really great. The keratosis pilaris on my arms is gone[/QUOTE]

MsMeagan if I could achieve just a fraction of what you have achieved I would be so happy. It seems like you have really benefited from dietary changes and cleansing and hopefully the improvements continue :angel: . I'm sure they will! I will definitely check out Jason's line, seems just the thing I am looking for. I knew it didn't foam up :D , that's a great sign...means it should truly be organic. It's quite worrying reading all those chemical synthetic ingredients on the back of products. It's so not needed, nature can perform virtually all the same purposes more effectively and safely. I hate it when I brush my teeth and see the ingredients on the back of my 'Aquafresh' toothpaste container. It's full of junk and it has FLUORIDE... :nono: nooooo. I tried looking into getting natural toothpaste but wasn't too successful. I think I found a brand called Burt's Bees or something like that? Is that natural? Which natural brand are you using? I am slowly revolutionising my general lifestyle products and going ALL NATURAL! But it's hard and will take time.

Oh please if you know any info on digestion rules that would be so great because I am sure my stomach feels full even hours after eating meals. Are you talking about which combination of foods should be eaten together so that the digestive system doesn't stall i.e. you shouldn't eat carbohydrates before proteins and you shouldn't eat fruits straight away after main courses?

WTR to Jojoba oil I have read so much about this product and always said to myself I should get it but have never found it in any shops. I don't think it's available in the U.K. :( so I guess it's gonna be another internet thing. I've just become reluctant to using any moisturiser on my skin because since stopping Benzoyl Peroxide my natural oils have seriously returned and my skin is always moisturised. In fact, it may be a little too oily. I must say, though, that Benzoyl Peroxide is toxic crazy stuff if used over quite a long period of time. My skin went really dark and thought I had developed some sort of pigmentation on my face. It was scary and depressing. But since stopping all those 'bad' creams my skin has returned to normal and there is no darkness which is great. It's funny how sometimes you think 'Ok God, I think I preferred those red marks than this pigmentation...please can I have them back'?' Unfortunately we naturally take things for granted and think what we have is the worst possible situation when in fact things could be much much worse. Then again, it could be said that we should have appreciated our acne-free skin when we had it (but I don't agree with this).

[QUOTE=MsMeaganMay]Maybe when Prometheus goes into the airforce she can provide them with more knowledge about nutrition ;)[/QUOTE]

LOOOOL! That cracked me up MsMeagan...I'm sure she could even try and persuade them to do a few parasite kills while she's at it ;)

P.S. you know the ParaGONE II tincture, well I was just wondering whether it definitely won't damage the teeth when you take it as it contains quite high concentration of alcohol and I am worried that it could dissolve them :confused: (I know it may sound strange)? Plus do you drink down the capsule of ParaGONE I with the solution of ParaGONE II then another glass of water? thanks
Firstly before I begin my ramble ;) I would also like to add my appreciation to what Indy_gal has already said. MsMeaganMay, you have really been great with all the advice, information, encouragement, accounts, experiences and writings you have provided regarding our fight against skin problems :D . I appreciate it so so much! And Prometheus' ever-present words of wisdom have been great aswell, thank you so much too! It's just a shame you have to leave us for the military :(

Well guys, it's been three days since starting ParaGONE and no reactions whatsoever, no flu symptoms, no nothing. I know it is very early and as I'm only doing half-dosage it will probably take about 10 days to properly kick in. The only think I am worried about is this tincture thing, the ParaGONE II. I posted the same question in my previous post as a 'P.S.' but noone answered and am hoping that it was actually over-looked. Could one of you guys please please confirm for me that the alcohol in the tincture (and tinctures in general for that matter) is safe for our teeth? It's a very high proof of alcohol that is used so am really worried that it could rot the teeth but I am probably being so over paranoid. Please tell me I am, lol. I would add, though, that I haven't had a problems with my teeth so far.

Anyway, one thing that has been very strange is the lack of sleep I have been getting. Usually I go to sleep at about 1a.m. or 2a.m and wake up at around 8a.m. or 9a.m. by my alarm and I almost always feel sooo tired. Well since starting ParaGONE I have gone to sleep at 1a.m. or 2a.m. and automatically woken up at 6a.m. or 7a.m. completely naturally. I am waking up hours before my alarm actually goes off, LOL! Moreover, I DON'T FEEL TIRED AT ALL! It's not that I have so much energy that I just immediately jump out of bed and start running a marathon but rather I feel like I have slept a sufficient amount. Have any of you guys experienced this at all? Do you feel more 'alive' or more energised? I'm not sure what to do with these extra hours, lol.

[QUOTE=MsMeaganMay]The hardest part for me used to be believing how much some of these worked because it took me so much longer than everyone else to achieve results. Sometimes when results come slower you don't notice them as much...or most lose patience and give up.[/QUOTE]

MsMeaganMay this is so true, about a week ago my skin showed improvement but since then it has gone back to its normal self but not AS bad. There is less redness and less inflammation. I guess I am just worried that I am going to all this effort and may not achieve the results I am hoping for. I'm sure all of us fear/feared this but as we all know there is no real safe quick-fix. It will take some time and am sure we will get to where we want to go. How long did it take for your skin to [I]really[/I] improve and can you remember how many days it took you to say 'Today I really do have clear skin'? As ParGONE should be taken 3 times a day, how do you manage the midday dosage? Do you carry around Paragone I and II during the day? At the moment, I'm having to do 1 ParaGONE in the morning, 1 at 6p.m. then 1 at like 1a.m or is this ok to do?

I can definitely relate to what you said about reducing intake of animal protein. I used to eat so much animal protein especially in one serving. As I had totally cut out all the major carb foods I used to become real hungry so I just replaced this hunger with loads and loads of meat. But it's a terrible idea :nono: ! I could feel my whole digestive system struggling to properly function. Everything was so packed in. Now I eat fewer big meals and more small-medium sized meals that contain mostly veggies, legumes, nuts and if I do eat meat it is really small serving. The change is amazing though. I don't have this heavy feeling in my stomach anymore but I do feel like I can't eat anymore. So it's a good balance. I have no constipation and everything seems to be going through my system really easily.

I do think the modern idea that we NEED to eat 3 large meals a day is probably wrong. It just puts too much stress on the digestive systems and your body in general. How can your body cope if it suddenly is inundated with a huge load of food. Of course the intestines won't function as effectively and peristalsis will be partially inhibited. That's probably why the skin is effected so much. It's the body's 'get out of jail' card with regards to removing toxins when it is under pressure. I think four or five light meals each day is a much easier way for your body to function properly. So far it's worked great for me and do feel more energised. Do you ever feel really tired after having a big meal? I used to get that all the time but now I can have a quick light meal then go out and play sport 40mins-60mins later. It's cool.

Oh damn before I forgot MsMeagan, I just noticed this. I have two different versions of Bentonite Clay. The one I am using at the moment is called Bentonite Sodium Montmorillonite clay which I think is the 'official' correct version if I am not mistaken. Now the other one I have is called Bentonite Pascalite Calcium Montmorillonite (lol phew long name) and I am not sure whether this is the 'right' one. Do you know if this is cool to use for bowel cleansing? It can definitely be used internally as it says this on the bottle. The thing with Bentonite is that there are different varieties and each variety has its own range on minerals contained in the clay so one may be better than the other for cleansing. Do you have any idea about this because it is quite confusing :confused: ?

[QUOTE=indy gal]I go back to the dermatologist on Monday (the one that thought I was going to regret not taking antibiotics). I probably don't need to have a follow-up visit, but I want her to see how much my skin has improved without resorting to medication. (And I want to get a differin refill prescription too ;) ).

I am still getting a few blemishes, and my red marks from before are still there, but what a difference. My skin looks so much healthier! I put on makeup and it goes on smoothly (no acne bumps). Even my nails have a different feel to them, smoother, healthier. I feel great (so far no problems with the paragone, but it has only been 24 hours).[/QUOTE]

Indy that is excellent your skin is looking healthier, I'm really glad it's working for you. I really wanna hear what the derm said when you went back to show him how YOU improved your skin YOURSELF and without using their super-side-effects antibiotics :cool: nice one! Are you still going to continue to use Differin? The thing is if you get clear you won't know what was the real cause to it, whether it was the cleansing or the topical? Also, how long have you used it for as it is a retinoid compound so I don't think it would be too good for your skin if you use it for a long period of time. Try a week without using it and see how your skin reacts.

As Prometheus has said already, we all having parasites in us, doesn't matter how clean you are or think you are. Even the Queen has parasites especially with all those dogs around her, lol just give it time and you will soon get 'results'.

[QUOTE=MsMeaganMay]You really want to know? Let's see...about 5 apples, 2 pears, a large grapefruit, 1/2 lb of grapes, and whatever other fruit I have at the time :D lol.[/QUOTE]

LOL MsMeagan!!!!! Whenever I read your posts there are always a couple of lines that completely crack me up. Oh my God you eat so much fruit. That is amazing. I would so eat that much too but I only have the time to do one shopping trip a week and fruit and veg weighs so much when you have to carry it far so I can't buy that much.

[QUOTE=MsMeaganMay]I generally munch on fruit all morning, and if I'm hungry...I just eat more of the same fruit. If I'm hungry an hour later, I choose another fruit.[/QUOTE]

:D you should consider growing some apple trees or a grape vineyard. It would save time on shopping trips. I think I may do this.

Indy_Gal I love Green Tea and drink lots. It's great for so many things like fighting tooth decay, killing off: pre-cancer growths, arthritis, high cholesterol levels, infection and can improve your immune function. The EGCG is the key antioxidant that enables all this. Anyway, don't worry too much about the caffeine. Green tea contains less caffeine than coffee: there are approximately thirty to sixty mg. of caffeine in six - eight ounces of tea, compared to over one-hundred mg. in eight ounces of coffee. Plus caffeine isn't really that bad as long as you replace the lost liquids with water so as not to dehydrate.

With regards to breakfast I would definitely suggest drinking one cup in the morning and add a teaspoon on organic honey. It will clean out your system and get you going for the day. Definitely eat lots of fruits as MsMeagan has already said but make your own drinks/smoothies. If fruit doesn't fill you up then nothing will. Eat half a cantaloupe melon, that always fills me up. I love eating nuts too. Try dipping almonds into honey....oh man that is delicious. But be careful, it gets addictive!

I do agree though, breakfast is really hard to do at first when you have been so used to consuming mostly carbs. Your body will soon become accustomed to fruit and will love it.

Well I'm off, time for another ParaGONE cocktail hmmm yummy :p take care all and keep eating lots of fruit.

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